Tech Focus - Manera Wetsuits

Often overlooked, your wetsuit is one of the most important pieces in your kiteboarding quiver! The MANERA's pro team and Brand Manager Julien Salles take us for a deep dive into neoprene technology in this interview!

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Issue 85
Mon 8th Feb, 2021

It’s been a bumpy start to the year, but the ongoing pandemic drama has been the source of some extremely interesting content! In this issue, Crystal Veness takes a closer look at the disruption and chaos in Cape Town over the past year. James Boulding takes a break in Kenya to get up close and personal with the foil, and we check in with Mitu Monteiro to find out what it takes to achieve legend status in the kite industry. Go behind the scenes with the ladies at FLYSURFER and live vicariously through pro riders Jerome Cloetens, Tom Seager, Annabel van Westerop, Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, and Josh Emanuel as they take us through some of their post-lockdown travel adventures. Get your popcorn ready and check it out, this issue will offer hours of entertainment!

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Issue 84
Tue 8th Dec, 2020

With what might be the strangest year of our lives coming to a close, we’re looking forward to a better and brighter 2021, with less COVID, less politics, and even more kiting! This issue is packed with features, including the story behind the latest MANERA film where Paul Serin and Maxime Chabloz made the most of what was close to home. Joshua Emanual blows our minds yet again with the sheer insanity of his quest for the infinity loop, Camille Delannoy ventures solo into the dunes of Brazil, and Aaron Hadlow talks us through his career - past, present, and future. As always, there’s loads to learn in our technique, tests, and tech focus sections. Put your phone on silent, it’s time to dive into IKSURFMAG!

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Issue 83
Thu 15th Oct, 2020

After the brief pause it feels like the sport has gone absolutely bonkers, from scrapping around for fresh images last issue, too literally being flooded the next. We’ve got absolutely loads of great features in this issue, including the incredibly inspirational Willem Hooft story, the adaptive kiter is arguably better than most of us, not bad when he’s wheelchair bound. Peter Stiewe is the focus of our interview, the F-One team head to Corsica and North get their big air team logging the air miles on the new gear. Of course we have loads more inside with plenty of tests, technique and all the usual’s to keep you entertained too, be sure to check it out!

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Issue 82
Wed 12th Aug, 2020

It seems like the summer has been an absolute ripper for the watersports industry. In an extended piece Rou Chater looks at the Bust Boom effect of Covid 19 and asks What Next… We also sit down with legend Robby Naish for a catch up, while Oswald Smith, Graham Howes and friends are off searching for new spots in South Africa. Alex Fox from Slingshot drops by for our interview and Sam Light gives us the full low down on his Kite Boat Project. We also talk to the industries only female CEO in our insight piece, Malwina Shinn and our new Tech Focus section looks at some of the new developments in within the sport. Of course we have tests, technique and all the usual’s to keep you entertained too, be sure to check it out!

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Issue 81
Fri 12th Jun, 2020

Thankfully most of us are back on the water and enjoying the sport we love, make every session count, and when you aren’t on the water, you can trust us to deliver you the very best in kiteboarding content from around the world. This issue we look at a study into the dangers of kitesurfing, just how risky is our sport these days, read on to find out! James Carew recalls some of his best Moments In Time from Mauritius, and Ruben Lenten drops in for our Interview and recalls his struggles with injuries throughout his career as well as his mindset for a positive way forwards. Elsewhere we have tests, technique with Christiana and Karine, F-ONE are the featured brand, and there is loads more inside too! Check it out!

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Issue 80
Thu 16th Apr, 2020

The Corona Virus has been playing havoc with the world, and the kite industry. It’s a strange time to be a kitesurfer, when many of the world’s beaches are closed and most of the planets kite population is locked down. We’ve worked around the clock with our partners across the globe to bring you this incredible issue. Inside Rou Chater takes a close look a the effect of Covid 19 on the kite industry, the damage runs deeper than you might think, and you might be the key to saving it. The rest of the magazine is the biggest and most impressive one we’ve ever put together, packed with stories, technique, tests and lots more to keep you in the loop! Check it out!

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