Cape Town Confidential

Cape Town has become a mecca for kiters over the last few years, events like the King Of The Air have put it on the map like no other place on earth. Is it all it is cracked up to be though? Rou Chater makes the trip to find out what the fuss is all about!

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Issue 74
Tue 9th Apr, 2019

We've got another bumper issue for you this spring with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Inside we take a look at the state of professional kiteboarding and how far it has come since the debacle of 2016. Charlotte Consorti heads to Moorea in Tahiti to see if it will live up to her expectations and the dreams she’s been having! Rou Chater heads back to Cape Town to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Christian and Karine have some excellent tips for strapless riders, and we have plenty of new gear on test too!

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Issue 73
Tue 5th Feb, 2019

It’s the start of another year and we’ve got an incredible issue lined up for you! We travel to the far northern islands of Scotland with the Manera crew and discover some of the best conditions on the planet! Lewis Crathern uncovers the real Egypt in Dahab and Steven Akkersdijk heads off on a road trip around Ireland! On the other side of the world Rou Chater witnesses Guy Bridge smash the course record for the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race and the is plenty more inside too with the best photos, stories and videos!

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Issue 72
Mon 10th Dec, 2018

Colleen Carroll drops in this month with some of the best female freestyle riders on the planet as they go exploring in Egypt for the upcoming film, The Sum Of 5. Reo Stevens heads off into the Pacific to discover the kitesurfing on offer in Tuamotu and Lukas Pitsch gives us the lowdown on snowkiting. Christian and Karine are on hand with some slick moves to add to your bag of tricks and we’ve also got lots of 2019 gear on test. As ever there is plenty more inside, the magazine is packed with the best photos, stories and videos!

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Issue 71
Mon 8th Oct, 2018

This issue we follow the F-One team as they head back to Madagascar and find it is still firing ten years one! We look at what it takes to be a Pro on the Cabrinha Riders Academy, plus Aaron Hadlow and Laci Kobulsky are here with the final instalment of their TWENTY feature length movie piece. Reed Brady gets the ten questions and Jalou Langeree is our Female Focus! Plus there is lots of technique, loads of tests and you’ll find plenty more inside too! The magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

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Issue 70
Thu 9th Aug, 2018

Duowhat? New Cabrinha? North gone? North back? With so much going on at kitesurfing's top table we put the definitive word down on what’s happening with the biggest brands in the industry. Brandon Scheid travels to La Ventana to discover the easy life and Julie Leleu is the subject of our Ten Questions feature. Annelous Lammerts investigates the rise of the Hood Jam, one of the biggest events in kiteboarding right now and there’s more — the magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

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Issue 69
Wed 13th Jun, 2018

We have a new series, Life Changes, that looks at personalities whose lives have been changed by kiteboarding—starting with Ryan Osmond. We also check in with Aaron Hadlow to find out about the filming of his new feature-length movie, and we have an essential behind-the-scenes look at control bars. Plus, we travel to the Bahamas with Charlotte Consorti and sit down with Dan Charlish to find out about the upcoming Kitesurfing Armada. And there’s more — the magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

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