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Issue 81
Fri 12th Jun, 2020

Thankfully most of us are back on the water and enjoying the sport we love, make every session count, and when you aren’t on the water, you can trust us to deliver you the very best in kiteboarding content from around the world. This issue we look at a study into the dangers of kitesurfing, just how risky is our sport these days, read on to find out! James Carew recalls some of his best Moments In Time from Mauritius, and Ruben Lenten drops in for our Interview and recalls his struggles with injuries throughout his career as well as his mindset for a positive way forwards. Elsewhere we have tests, technique with Christiana and Karine, F-ONE are the featured brand, and there is loads more inside too! Check it out!

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Issue 80
Thu 16th Apr, 2020

The Corona Virus has been playing havoc with the world, and the kite industry. It’s a strange time to be a kitesurfer, when many of the world’s beaches are closed and most of the planets kite population is locked down. We’ve worked around the clock with our partners across the globe to bring you this incredible issue. Inside Rou Chater takes a close look a the effect of Covid 19 on the kite industry, the damage runs deeper than you might think, and you might be the key to saving it. The rest of the magazine is the biggest and most impressive one we’ve ever put together, packed with stories, technique, tests and lots more to keep you in the loop! Check it out!

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Issue 79
Tue 11th Feb, 2020

It's another fantastic issue this time around, absolutely packed with the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. In this issue, Jesse Richman rides massive Jaws and tells us how it's done. Craig Cunningham drops by for a chat about life managing the Duotone Team, and Paul Serin is hunting for gold in Mozambique. In a new feature, Insight, we focus on women working in the industry who are kicking ass and taking names, LynDee Talmage from Slingshot is first up! On top of all that there is absolutely loads more inside, including Christian and Karine's technique, be sure to check it out!

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Issue 78
Wed 11th Dec, 2019

It's another fantastic issue this time around, absolutely packed with the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater sits down with one of the best kitesurfers on the planet, Keahi de Aboitiz, and talks to him about his upcoming swell hunting movie. We also take a look at the cost of kitesurfing, is it too expensive, or perhaps too cheap, find out inside. In a new feature we ask the same questions to different brands, this issue it's Eleveight under the microscope. Christian and Karine are on board with some more trickery, learn the simple to to heelside downloop transition, get fancy with the surfboard 360 and to really impress people try out the one-footed darkslide! We've also got a huge test section too with kites, twin tips, surfboards and hydrofoils all getting tested!

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Issue 77
Mon 14th Oct, 2019

It's an absolutely massive issue with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater has put together a huge feature on the subject of sustainability within the kite industry, interviewing the major brands and asking them about their plans for our future. Colleen Carroll is hunting down stunning locations in Namibia and the Manera team head to the wilds of Russia to kite amongst the frozen wastelands. We have a big test section with lots of new twin tips and kites on test, including the latest wave kites from Cabrinha, Duotone and North. Christian and Karine are on hand with some stylish new moves, including the backroll handwash, a stylish addition to a trick many of us can already do. You'll find even more inside as this is by far and away our biggest issue yet with 260 pages of kitesurfing goodness curated just for you!

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Issue 76
Thu 8th Aug, 2019

It's an absolutely huge issue for you with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater heads to uncharted waters in Northern Madagascar with the F-ONE Team. Sensi Graves looks at how you can improve your confidence on the water and the Duotone Team head to Western Australia in search of slabs and barrels. We also have the full story on the recalibration of North Kiteboarding, plus the low down on the Hood Jam event. There is a massive test this issue with foils, twin tips, kites and surfboards getting put through their paces. As ever Christian and Karine have some three cool moves for you to learn, and there is lots more inside too!

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