Tech Focus: Duotone Juice D/LAB

Known as the apex predator of light wind kites, the Juice D/LAB is an exciting new addition to the Duotone lineup. We're going behind the design with Duotone's Ralf Grösel in this exclusive Tech Focus interview!

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Issue 89
Thu 7th Oct, 2021

The competition season is heating up, and when we’re not scoring our own sessions, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to entertaining events to tune into! From big surprises on the big air scene to fast-paced action in the foiling world, we’ve got it all! The F-ONE team heads south of the border in Baja while the Naish team chases freestyle perfection in Greece. We get up close and personal with Marc Jacobs, Rita Arnaus, and Frances Osorio Rivera. All this, plus behind the scenes insights on the latest products, new techniques to try, and gear tests to peruse. Issue 89 is ready for takeoff! Are you?

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Issue 88
Wed 11th Aug, 2021

With 18 months of pandemic fatigue settling in, we're cautiously inching closer to some semblance of normalcy, or at least getting used to our current situation! While the responsible choice would be to spend some of our hard-earned bucks on therapy, a dream kite trip might just save our sanity! This issue, we explore Turks & Caicos, South Africa, and Zanzibar. Home or away, it's a good time to Invest in Your Progression! F-ONE's Raphael Salles talks the new Bandit XV, Jo Ciastula checks in after GKA Tarifa, and Su Kay shares her some industry insights. Still hungry? Tuck into tests, technique, and much more; Issue 88 is hot and ready!

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Issue 87
Fri 11th Jun, 2021

Halfway through 2021 and the roller coaster ride continues! With travel looking more possible by the moment, our dreams of a faraway kite holiday may soon be a reality! In this issue, we check in with the Duotone team to find out who’s staying local and who’s shredding global. Graham Howes introduces us to the Next Gen of kiters on Team North, Ben Beholz takes us along for a ride in his RV, and Matt Maxwell showcases his silly season in South Africa. We catch up with kitesurfing cameraman, Laci Kobulsky, and Hawaiian wave riding extraordinaire, Moona Whyte. If that’s not enough already, we’ve got more of the latest news, tech, techniques, and tests. Issue 87 is ready. Are you?!

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Issue 86
Wed 14th Apr, 2021

The spring season has started with a stumble, not a bang. Getting out on the water without getting stuck in quarantine has become a sport in itself! Luckily, we've got inspiring stories and off the beaten path adventures to keep you entertained. We look at the trials and tribulations of buying new gear, Karolina Winkowska gives back in the Maldives, Artem Garashchenko kites with a monster, Roderick Pijls goes carbon-free, and Jack Rieder heads back to Baja. From sea level to the snowy peaks, we interview Prolimit's Linda Van Lakwijk and the men of 'RideUp'. Our Tech Focus takes you behind the designs, and we've got techniques to try out and gear tests dip into. Turn the page, it's time to dive in!

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Issue 85
Mon 8th Feb, 2021

It’s been a bumpy start to the year, but the ongoing pandemic drama has been the source of some extremely interesting content! In this issue, Crystal Veness takes a closer look at the disruption and chaos in Cape Town over the past year. James Boulding takes a break in Kenya to get up close and personal with the foil, and we check in with Mitu Monteiro to find out what it takes to achieve legend status in the kite industry. Go behind the scenes with the ladies at FLYSURFER and live vicariously through pro riders Jerome Cloetens, Tom Seager, Annabel van Westerop, Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, and Josh Emanuel as they take us through some of their post-lockdown travel adventures. Get your popcorn ready and check it out, this issue will offer hours of entertainment!

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Issue 84
Tue 8th Dec, 2020

With what might be the strangest year of our lives coming to a close, we’re looking forward to a better and brighter 2021, with less COVID, less politics, and even more kiting! This issue is packed with features, including the story behind the latest MANERA film where Paul Serin and Maxime Chabloz made the most of what was close to home. Joshua Emanual blows our minds yet again with the sheer insanity of his quest for the infinity loop, Camille Delannoy ventures solo into the dunes of Brazil, and Aaron Hadlow talks us through his career - past, present, and future. As always, there’s loads to learn in our technique, tests, and tech focus sections. Put your phone on silent, it’s time to dive into IKSURFMAG!

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