The Interview: Mike Mac Donald

Big air kiter and industry personality Mike Mac Donald, known online as Get High With Mike, has had quite an influence on the Cape Town and global big air kiteboarding scene. In this Interview, we find out all about Mike and get a look behind the scenes of the Big Air Kite League!

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Issue 97
Mon 13th Feb, 2023

It's sure to be a windy 2023, and we know kiters around the world will be looking for any and every opportunity to get on the water! This issue, Publisher Rou Chater packs his bags and heads to the tropics for a dreamy Bahamas Kite Cruise, Gabi Steindl brings us on an off road adventure down under, Camille Delannoy goes on a storm search in Iceland, and Brandon Scheid hunts for perfect lefts in Chile. Hear all about the first GKA event of the season at Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar, and get the scoop on sending it in feature interviews with Mike Mac Donald and Frencesca Maini. There’s plenty more waiting for you right here in IKSURFMAG Issue 97!

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Issue 96
Fri 16th Dec, 2022

Do you ring in the New Year by dreaming of the future or recounting the past? In this mega-issue, we’ve done both! Editor Crystal Veness puts the spotlight on women in kiteboarding, highlighting Jalou Langeree, Michaela Pilkenton, and Monica Ballus. Get to know the new world of Big Air kiting, explore Brainchild Production with Rou Chater and Ralf Grösel, and dig deep into top new products in our Tech Focus. Go behind the scenes with Noè Font, visit the South Coast with Cabrinha, session Indo with Oswald Smith, and follow Adriano Bono’s short line adventure. With Techniques, Tests, and more inside, you won’t want to miss IKSURFMAG Issue 96!

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Issue 95
Wed 5th Oct, 2022

Seasons are changing, and the search for wind continues with kiters travelling near and far to score the best conditions. In this issue, Editor Crystal Veness heads to Hood River to take a look inside the industry at AWSI. Join the MANERA team as they set sail to the unforgiving north, session Silvaplana with Ben Beholz, experience El Gouna with Duotone’s Young Bloods, and go on an Oman adventure with Mostafa Abbas. Dive inside the mind of Lasse Walker and get to know Hannah Whiteley, Roderick Pijls, and North designer Pepijn Smit. There’s new Techniques, Tests, and more inside IKSURFMAG Issue 95!

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Issue 94
Wed 10th Aug, 2022

Summer sessions are on the menu in this issue! Our Brand Manager Anastasia Pankina finds blue skies in Mauritius while the FLYSURFER crew finds cloudy days in the UK. We catch up with breakthrough Big Air rider, Zara Hoogenraad, and take a look at the Future of Foiling with Jamie Overbeek. Sail Sardinia with Jan Burgdörfer and dive into the Dominican Republic with Liloo Fourré. Keep on reading as Lewis Crathern talks big air and big change, Christian and Karine bring you two new techniques, and we check out some of the latest equipment in our Tech Focus and Tests! Take a look inside IKSURFMAG Issue 94!

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Issue 93
Mon 13th Jun, 2022

It’s been an action packed few months, with wind blowing in what seems like every corner of the earth! In this issue, follow Publisher Rou Chater as he heads east to find gold in Qatar, join Joshua Emanuel on board a Red Sea cruise, and see what brought James Boulding to the beaches of Miami. We check in with the up-and-coming riders of Naish Time Europe and students of the World Class Kite Academy. Read interviews with Liam Whaley, Camilla Ringvold, and Marley Franco, and that’s not all! Hear all about the latest gear, learn new tricks and techniques, and more inside IKSURFMAG Issue 93!

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Issue 92
Thu 7th Apr, 2022

Just a few months into 2022, and the wheels have already fallen off! It’s a good thing we still have kitesurfing to bring us together and keep the stoke alive! In this issue, we take a look at your impact on the industry, travel the globe with Riding to Explore, session in Sri Lanka with Therese Taabbel, and discover South Africa with Johanna-Catharina Edin. Hear what Tom Bridge and Karlie Thoma have been up to and see what’s new in the snowkite scene. Find out about the latest tech from Duotone, Ozone, Eleveight, and Airush, learn new techniques with Christian & Karine, and more! IKSURFMAG Issue 92 is here!

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