Arthur Guillebert

Arthur Guillebert

Pro Rider | 1,446

3 weeks ago

Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship and their 2021 line up is no different! The details are strategically designed for long-lasting durability…

2 months ago

Watch GKA Distance Battle Twintip Freestyle Men's and Women's Semi Finals!

2 months ago

Just in case you missed this yesterday, we've got you covered! Watch the GKA Distance Battle Twintip Freestyle Men's Quarter Finals, right here.

2 months ago

Eleveight boards are built with dedication, experience and the highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for superior performance and lasting durability. including…

2 months ago

Eleveight kites are built with innovation and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long-lasting durability while keeping the kite light and agile. Their 2021…

2 months ago

The most eagerly anticipated kite competition of the year is just over a week away! The GKA Distance Battle, a first of its kind, online,…

5 months ago

Another impressive kite from Eleveights 2021 line up; their flagship kite, the FS, is known for its radical boosting and explosive big air characteristics. Version…

5 months ago

Eleveight's 2021 line-up in IMPRESSIVE! The Process is a performance freeride board that provides grip in strong gusts and cushions chop. It is playful and…

5 months ago

At the beginning of March, three of the World Tour riders; Arthur Guillebert, Val Garat and Louka Pitot, decided to take a trip to Los…

6 months ago

Eleveight 2021!

6 months ago

Arthur Guillebert back in action at Plage Sud, France!

7 months ago

Arthur Guillebert, Val Garat and Louka Pitot decided to head to Los Roques for two weeks to prepare for the start of the season of…

Issue 81

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

6 months ago
Issue 74

Arthur Guillebert is a young rider who gets to call New Caledonia home when he’s not travelling the world competing on the World Tour that is! Check out the ten questions we threw at him right here!

2 years ago
Issue 72

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago

Hey, I’m Arthur Guillebert, I’m 22, I’m a pro kiteboarding rider sponsored by Eleveightkites, I’m 7th on 2019 GKA freestyle worldwide ranking. Cheers, AG. Sportsperson

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