Popular Kitesurfing News Last 2 Months

2 months ago

The Casati bros and Cabrinha have come to an amicable agreement to end their partnership... Wishing you all the best in your next chapter, boys!…

3 weeks ago

That could have gone so wrong!

1 month ago

Petar Pavlovic's latest vlog is out and this episode is all about Self Rescues - Click here to find out his top tips.

2 months ago

Jamie Overbeek has done it again once again! Call it old school, airstyle or air ballet, 'In Control' shows the boundless possibilities of kite control…

2 months ago

When Lorenzo Casati dropped the 'first ever' triple loop news - Jamie Overbeek couldn't wait to give it a go... not once, but twice! Watch…

2 weeks ago


1 week ago

Hugo is defying gravity with this insane 5th highest jump on his Flysurfer 6m Sonic 4 on 20m lines!

2 months ago

Steven Akkersdijk's 'Learn to Heliloop' video has been one of the most popular videos watched on the IKSURFMAG website in the past two months. If…

1 month ago

When a bunch of North team riders, including Cohan van Dijk, Luca Ceruti, Jett Bradshaw and Graham Howes, thought that a photo shoot at the…

1 month ago

The long-awaited results are in - and we can finally reveal the list of riders for Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by Core! With a…

2 months ago

Join Jake Kelsick as he takes his first look at the big air and free ride machines from North Kiteboarding - the 2024 Orbit vs…

2 months ago

Jamie Overbeek is back to his stormchasing adventures, and this time, he is in Denmark! An impressive forecast enticed him, and the conditions were nothing…