Popular Kitesurfing News Last 2 Months

2 months ago

The widowmaker!

2 months ago

Stop the press! It seems the wheels won't stop turning in the world of kiteboarding as one of the sports biggest brands, Cabrinha gets bought…

2 months ago

Snowkiting up a 3000m mountain and flying down... how epic does that look?!

2 months ago

The Red Bull King Of The Air 2020 saw Angely Bouillot as the first woman to qualify for the event! Find out what happened on…

2 months ago

Not all who wander are lost. In the second part of the episode “Off the Beaten Path”, the Duotone Team wanted to lose track of…

2 months ago

Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2019 It's been an incredible year for our favourite sport, innovations and developments have been coming thick and fast and the…

1 month ago

10-year-old Max Tullet - keep an eye out for this kid!

1 month ago

Knowing Lolo BSD, it was a matter of time before we saw some snowboard offs - watch this!

4 weeks ago

10-year-old, Max Tullet sending it wherever he can!

1 week ago

When the water is just too cold...

2 months ago

Janek Grzegorzewski is not messing around - Check out this 1:25 min video of some of his more epic session in Cape town this year!…

1 month ago

There's a reason why Brazil is such a popular kiteboarding destination!