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5 days ago

Watch North Kiteboarding and Mystic USA rider/tech rep Shaun Bennett's entry video for KOTA 2021 - He loves big loops and is always waiting for…

2 months ago

Get this one on the big screen, it's a good one! Due to Covid-19, Naish Kiteboarding couldn't fly the team to Hawaii for their year…

4 weeks ago

The UK crew meet up down in Cornwall to face Storm Francis, the only way they know how... this is a good one so make…

2 weeks ago

Kiteboard Beginnings - The Gorge 1990 - Enjoy!

4 weeks ago

Meet 63-year-old, Harry Andrews! Gwen Le Tutour put this video together to inspire others to go after whatever it is you look to do in…

3 days ago

A PB of 31.4 for 13-year-old Ozone shredder Jamie Overbeek!

1 month ago

Turn UP the volume - Théo de Ramecourt shows us what maximum speed sounds like!

3 days ago

As a kid, what did you do after school?! Check out UK's grom Max Tullet after school activities...

5 days ago

Kids these days! Watch UK's young groms, Max Tullet, Jeremiasz Kuczma, Charlie King, and kite twins Alfie and Archie Luxton bumping off rocks, kiting without…

1 month ago

In Sam Light's latest vlog, he talks us through the safest way to learn to downloop; one of the most important skills to perfect. It…

2 months ago

The expectations were high to the homeboy Nick Jacobsen at the first Cold Hawaii Big Air. But it was three flying dutchmen who flew away…

1 month ago

Struggling to ride in very light winds? Damien Leroy shares some top tips to help you ride efficiently in 10mph winds or less... Enjoy! Note:…