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1 month ago

This is one worth your time. Alex Buss (Kitesurf College Youtube Channel) talks us through and explains 7 different kiteboarding accidents in detail. Hopefully learning…

3 weeks ago

Madie Evans competed in the Women’s Pros for the first time this year. She turned 13 years old last week and is the youngest female…

1 month ago

Three Finnish kitesurfers, Juuso Tilaéus, Otso Ahvonen and Pekka Rintala surfed 316 km across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Finland, breaking the previous 279,46…

1 month ago

Sam Light and Tom Court circumnavigate The Isle Of Wight kitesurfing 150km on hydrofoils in just under 6 hours! In this vlog, Sam Light shares…

1 month ago

Kevin Langaree goes MASSIVE during an unexpected summer storm that hit Noordwijk. With winds ranging from 35 and 50 knots, it was MENTAL and Kev…

6 days ago

In this tutorial, Sam Light explains how to self launch your kite the safest way possible using an anchor point. According to Sam, this is…

2 months ago

Just to clarify - this is NOT meant to replace kiteboarding in any way - but things are developing quickly for Wing Surfing! Watch Kai…

2 months ago

Jesse Richman just dropped 'Race Drone VS Kiteboarder'... you've got to see this!

4 weeks ago

13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek is a young soul with some old school tricks... watch this!

4 weeks ago

The 'Crazy Kitesurf Kid' is back! Have you ever heard of BarBoarding? Neither had we till we watched this...

1 month ago

You better keep an eye out for this kid! Mad Max is already throwing in some mad mega loops and hitting his PR of 18m...…

2 months ago

Exploring the Dominican Republic with local rider Posito Martinez and Liloo Fourré on their 2020 CrazyFly gear!


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