Popular Kitesurfing News Last 2 Months

4 weeks ago

If you watch a 12-second reel today, make sure it's this one!

3 weeks ago

Red Bull challenged three of the world's best big air kite surfers to jump over a giant boat. To do so, they had to jump…

2 months ago

Duotone’s Rebel SLS Porsche Edition has been released, and in this vid, Florian Panther, Creative Director at Duotone, tells us all about it! No matter…

1 week ago

There is no doubt you watched the whole thing or highlights from one of the most epic Red Bull King of The Air competitions in…

2 weeks ago

North Kiteboarding is proud to partner with Red Bull King of The Air and brings you all the action LIVE! Click here to tune in.

1 month ago

Nick Jacobsen joins ACT Yacht for a cruise he'll never forget! What kind of madess does he get up to? Watch this to find out!…

1 month ago

The SpaceX Kitesurfing Crew just released another boost-off video North 2023 VS Cabrinha 2023 - Can you guess who won before watching the video?

2 months ago

Tom Court just released his latest #courtintheact vlog, in which he shares an absolutely unbelievable wing nightmare! He was putting his new Duotone Slick SLS…

2 months ago

What a way to introduce a new product! Using Ozone's latest construction technology and design software features, the Enduro V4 has been completely redesigned. With…

2 months ago

The third episode of Hannah Whitetely's Brazilian adventure is out! In this episode, she explores some hidden gems at Ilha do Guajiru with Andy Troy…

1 month ago

Ralf Boltendal tests out Flysurfer's new Hybrid on a southwestern swell - check this out!

3 weeks ago

The wait is over! With an all-electric powertrain, the E-Tourneo Custom spearheads the next-generation Tourneo vehicle line-up. Kiteboarders love their vans, and we have been…