Popular Kitesurfing News Last Week

3 days ago

The end of an era... After 20 years of friendship, we had to sit down for one last talk. Join Mystic in celebrating the end...

3 days ago

In this episode, we go for a kite session in Alvor, Portugal. Joss De Pfyffer has an idea of jumping a pier that he spotted....

3 days ago

Hannah Whiteley and Tom Court are exploring the Red Sea!

7 days ago

On March 16, 2024, Luca Ceruti injured his right ankle while kiteboarding, resulting in a fractured lateral malleolus. He created a video to share his...

6 days ago

The SpaceX Kitesurfing Team shows us how much they managed to pack in their Prolimit Elite boardbag!

4 days ago

If Montenegro is on your bucket list, don't miss Ben Beholz's latest travel vlog!

5 days ago

Guess in the comments below!

3 days ago

Sessions on Lac de Monteynard with Maxy Landriscina.

3 days ago

Watch this video by Noe & Xander introducing the 2024 GAMBLER by Duotone - It's their best one yet! The twintip shape comes in 151cm...

2 days ago

Steven Akkersdijk slying it out in slo-mo!

7 days ago

Today, we celebrate both International Wind and Surf Day. Without these elements, our sport wouldn't exist as it does. We appreciate every windy day and...