Popular Kitesurfing News Last Week

4 days ago

Watch this recap of Jeremy Burlando's first round at the Red Bull King Of The Air in Cape Town where Jeremy scored the highest scoring…

7 days ago

The next chapter is about to begin! Naish's Pivot Nvision, is launching Nov. 30th, 2023 - It is a new standout in the Naish new…

2 days ago

Mike Mac Donald walks us through CORE's Sensor 3S Pro Bar in this #techtalk!

6 days ago

Redesigned from the ground up, Naish's Pivot Nvision is the standard for a high-performance all around kite. Aluula and Quadtex canopy combine for the most…

7 days ago

Ben Beholz just released his latest vlog sharing the unfiltered truth about his trip to Dubai - Click here to watch it!

4 days ago

Ready to elevate your kiteboarding skills? In this video, Steven Akkersdijk breaks down the essential steps to conquer the Front Roll; a fundamental trick that…

7 days ago

Sam Light asked Jeremy Burlando some questions before the Redbull King Of The Air, and then Jeremy went for a warm-up session in lighter winds…

6 days ago

Check out Pippa van Iersel's Big Air set up for the next 3 months in Cape Town! Yewww

19 hours ago

Lorenzo Casati gives us a lowdown of his second trip to South Africa and participates in Red Bull King of the Air for the second…

5 days ago

How many flips was that?! We lost count!

5 days ago

The North crew couldn't resist the rumors of Patagonia's snow-covered mountains! On the fourth day with the Santa Tabla crew, they set off to San…