Tech Focus: Armstrong Foils

While not the biggest brand in the industry, it’s clear that Armstrong Foils has a big reputation and a proven product. With foils that suit any and every watersport, including some designed specifically for kitesurfing, we caught up with Armie Armstrong to find out what goes into making the perfect foil. Read more in this exclusive interview!

Kitesurfing News

6 hours ago

At ease in the seas -  CORE Kiteboarding's Spectrum gives you the gift of perfect lift with balance and control, helping you explore the terrain…

9 hours ago

Grab a coffee and join Mitu Monteiro on his latest adventures around the world! After more than a decade of performing at the highest level…

15 hours ago

Experience the afterglow of Jake Kelsick riding the light winds of Antigua on North Kiteboarding's latest Code Zero! The code zero is pretty unreal. I…

18 hours ago

Naish Team Europe is back, and the summer vlogs are back too! Check out the first episode of their adventure with Timo Boersema in Tarifa!

24 hours ago

Charlotte Consorti is back, and in this episode, she takes us to Lanzarote, Canary Islands. What a spot!

1 day ago

Big news at the Cabrinha HQs - Welcome to the team, Hannah Whiteley. Check out this stunning footage from her trip to Scotland. Thrilled to…


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Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Tarifa
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Tarifa

Tarifa is the most southern point in Europe, world widely known for having insane winds! If you are hoping to get very consistent wind, this is the place to go. There are loads of different spots that work depending on the wind direction. In Tarifa, you have a Levante that blows from the east and the Poniente that blows from…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Soma Bay
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Soma Bay
Soma Bay

Egypt provides a phenomenal playground with consistently windy conditions for 75% of the year. The warm, dry African winds pass through the desert to offer an enjoyable hairdryer type breeze as you cruise over the Red Sea crystal clear. The water is flat, turquoise and great for freestyle. It is a relatively short hop from Europe and is usually available…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Tenerife
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Tenerife

If you're looking for somewhere to kite all year round in Europe, it's undoubtedly the Canary Islands. A group of Spanish archipelago located in front of the Moroccan coast. Spring throughout the year attracts millions of tourist from all over Europe, especially those from colder climates. Tenerife, one of the islands, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in…

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Kitesurfing Technique - Toeside Back Loop Downloop Transition
Kitesurfing Technique - Toeside Back Loop Downloop Transition
Toeside Back Loop Downloop Transition

If Paul Simon were a kitesurfer, he’d have surely written about the numerous ways to leave the water and perhaps more poignantly about how many transitions there are on offer for us to learn. So here is another for those of you that love adding bows to your quiver, enjoy a decent challenge and have good enough memories to remember…

Kitesurfing Technique - Back Loop Kite Loop
Kitesurfing Technique - Back Loop Kite Loop
Back Loop Kite Loop

Ruben Lenten has pretty much made this move his-own, which is just as well because it could do with a bit of a revival. This is very much an advanced move and done well looks phenomenal (see above). Back in the day the back loop kite loop separated the men and women from the boys and girls. Obviously the kids…

Kitesurfing Technique - Surfboard Tack
Kitesurfing Technique - Surfboard Tack
Surfboard Tack

There are a couple of ways to tack a surfboard, so here’s one which hopefully is the least complicated and which should take less time to learn. Tacking any sort of directional board is a useful skill, as turning around quickly without loosing any ground downwind certainly saves time and effort, especially when all you are trying to do is…

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Kitesurfing Reviews - DUOTONE Wam D/LAB 5'9 2022
Kitesurfing Reviews - DUOTONE Wam D/LAB 5'9 2022

The Wam is a classic in the Duotone stable; it's been around longer than most of us have been kiteboarding. It's a modern take on a traditional shape, and over the years, it has evolved to be one of the best all-round surfboards on the market. With a squash thumb tail, thruster set up, and pointy nose, it's capable in…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V6 7m 2022
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V6 7m 2022
Ozone Reo V6

The Reo is the dedicated wave kite from Ozone, perfect for the rider who wants an uncompromising tool to maximise every session. Ozone is known for only releasing new products when it is ready, and the new Reo V6 comes with updated material technologies and tweaks to the design to further improve the flying characteristics. We've long been fans of…

Kitesurfing Reviews - DUOTONE Evo SLS 9m 2022
Kitesurfing Reviews - DUOTONE Evo SLS 9m 2022

Duotone has a fantastic and comprehensive quiver of kites available to their users; there truly is something for everyone in all disciplines of kiteboarding. The Evo is marketed as the most all-around kite in the range and comes in both the standard and SLS (Strong, Light, Superior) construction. The SLS materials give this kite a much sharper, premium feel compared…