Tech Focus - Slingshot RPX

There have been some exciting kites coming out of the Slingshot factory in recent years, and the latest on the market is the Slingshot RPX. We caught up with Sam Light to find out more about their new release!

Kitesurfing News

3 hours ago

Whether kiteboarding on a twintip or a surfboard, Evan Netsch shares tips to help you get off the beach, navigate over the waves, and through…

6 hours ago

WOO!! Twintips, foils, directionals - whatever you’re taking out, you can now record a session on it, add it to your lifetime stats and share…

15 hours ago

Episode 4 is OUT! Join Gwen LeTuTOUR & the Cabrinha Ohana as they road trip across the United States sharing a passion for kitesurfing, wingsurfing…

1 day ago

Welcome to the first episode of the GKA Distance Battle – Aluula All-Time Big Air featuring STRAPLESS BIG AIR! GKA Commentator Jo Ciastula and Pablo…

1 day ago

Where there's a will, there's a way, and if you want something badly enough, you can find the means to get it. Lasse Walker shares…

2 days ago

The Airwave Kiteboarding crew welcomed riders from all over at the first kite festival, La Foil-ie au Lac, to test out The Koala - find…


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Kitesurfing Travel Guides - The Isle of Thanet
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - The Isle of Thanet
The Isle of Thanet

I believe the Isle of Thanet to be quite a unique destination when it comes to kiting on the mainland of the UK. Once described as a boil on the butt cheek of Britain, I now like to refer to it as more of a beauty spot lovingly! As kitesurfers, we are undoubtedly spoilt; never being more than a 10-minute…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Ayvalik
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Ayvalik

Ayvalik is a traditional seaside town on the Northern Aegean sea in Turkey. It is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Edremit, just across from the eastern coast of the Greek island of Lesbos. It is situated on a narrow coastal plain surrounded by low hills to the east which is covered with pine and olive trees.…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cornwall
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cornwall

Cornwall is a very underrated spot for Kitesurfing; we have a reliable prevailing south-westerly and blue Atlantic waters that meet 400 miles of coastline. Given the shape of Cornwall, it gives us many options and variety, and you’ll rarely find more than a handful of kites out at any given time. Beyond Kitesurfing Cornwall is the most southern point of…

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Kitesurfing Technique - Sliding Surface Pass
Kitesurfing Technique - Sliding Surface Pass
Sliding Surface Pass

Ladies and Gents here’s a move that although we don’t teach very often, does have a place in your box of tricks as it leads you towards other things and can still look pretty smooth because you’re passing from blind, so it flows. The idea is basically to slide your board to blind, breaking out the tail and then adding…

Kitesurfing Technique - Board Off Dismount
Kitesurfing Technique - Board Off Dismount
Board Off Dismount

Whilst pondering all the moves, grabs, transitions, airs, washes, strokes, tweaks, pops, passes and loops that we’ve covered on these hallowed pages, it struck us that we haven’t been particularly generous on the dismounts. To make amends, here is the board off dismount. Actually, a very achievable trick, since there’s no need to get it back on, it works in…

Kitesurfing Technique - Unhooking
Kitesurfing Technique - Unhooking

Having watched with great amusement the bursting veins of many friends as they wrestled to hold their “classics” and “surfboards” down, we patiently waited, deep within our subconscious, for the advent of the 4-line kite, and the luxury of a chicken loop. As kit developed, the odd maverick such as Lou Waiman showed the up and coming talents what would…

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Kitesurfing Reviews

Take a look at all the latest and greatest kitesurfing reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest kitesurfing equipment for years and our in depth kitesurfing reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

Kitesurfing Reviews - Nobile Kiteboarding Gamechanger 145 x 43cm 2021
Kitesurfing Reviews - Nobile Kiteboarding Gamechanger 145 x 43cm 2021
Nobile Kiteboarding Gamechanger

The 2021 Nobile Gamechanger is a new wakestyle weapon from Nobile Kiteboarding! With a new construction and added larger sizes, this sure is a freestyle machine with a stealthy look, ideal for those riders who throw down huge tricks and want a solid landing. The board features an ABS sandwich construction which seems to be the industry standard amongst a…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Alpha V2 10m 2021
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Alpha V2 10m 2021
Ozone Alpha V2

With many people wanting to get more time on the water (even in light winds) and the travel restrictions making places with consistently strong winds harder to access, the popularity of single strut kites has increased exponentially. As most kiters’ local spots do not have as consistent a breeze as they would like, people are looking for a “do it…

Kitesurfing Reviews - CrazyFly Hyper 9m 2021
Kitesurfing Reviews - CrazyFly Hyper 9m 2021
CrazyFly Hyper

The Hyper 2021 is the newest edition of the renowned big air machine from CrazyFly. The kite design is a 5 strut, delta bow shape, which translates to great hangtime and boosting capabilities! CrazyFly is a leading kite manufacturer since 1999. Based in Europe, the brand is known for having the longest warranty in the kite market: 3 years which…