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More boards and kites get put through their paces this issue, check out the best tests in the business right here, this issue we have gear on test from Naish, F-ONE, Cabrinha, Kitelement, Ozone, Airush, Ocean Rodeo, North Kiteboarding, Shinn and Moses! Check them out here!

Kitesurfing News

16 hours ago

This is Mikkel Hansen! Eleveight Danish shredder Mikkel Hansen shares the stoke in this one - a little freestyle, big air, cable and more... everything…

21 hours ago

Towed through glacial canals by electric skateboards, just another road trip for North. Foil anything and anywhere with the fully modular North Sonar Foils. Find…

22 hours ago

Up for trying something new this weekend? Well, Steven Akkersdijk just released the first episode of his SA Masterclass series and in this one, he'll…

1 day ago

Get high with Mike - Throwing in some loops over sandbars on Hood River on his 10m GTS5 with 22m lines.    

1 day ago

Lasse Walker talks about his new favorite harness - ION's CURV Select - check it out! Find out more, right here!

1 day ago

Friday 13th!  Good evening from the Heritage Resort lagoon in Bel Ombre where the men's double elimination has been rolling hot and heavy today. Friday…


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Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Limnos
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Limnos

With the island’s nickname being ‘wind-ridden one’, it is no surprise that Keros bay is an idyllic kitesurfing destination during the European summer season. Boasting postcard-worthy beaches, crystal-clear waters, ancient archaeological sites and home to some fantastic wildlife, Limnos Island is a pearl of the Aegean Sea! The island vibes are so chilled here that they are, in fact, artic.…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Parajuru
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Parajuru

Parajuru is a small village located about 130 km south of Fortaleza. What makes this spot different from the other lagoons in Cerea, is that there are barely any crowds. This remoteness is perfect because you never feel like you are getting in the way others or vice versa. We are in Brazil, practising new tricks and often crashing and the…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Anapa
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Anapa

Maybe a place that is not at the top of most kiters visit lists, Russia has some amazing kiteboarding gems.  Russia is a huge country with a vast border and different seas so for this guide we will spotlight Anapa.  Blagoveshenskaya or Blaga for short is the most famous of kite spots in Russia and is situated on the Black…

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Big Blue Kiteboarding

Turks and Caicos Islands

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Kitesurfing Technique - Blind Judge
Kitesurfing Technique - Blind Judge
Blind Judge

Simply put - a great move, looks the biz and definitely one that once you have it nailed, rewards with a high percentage return rate. In English the blind judge is an unhooked raley to blind but with an air pass rather than a surface pass, see Sequence 1. Now without wanting to slow anyone in their tracks or piddle…

Kitesurfing Technique - Kite Loop 3
Kitesurfing Technique - Kite Loop 3
Kite Loop 3

The KL3 is a genuine pleasure to tame. Having a bit of pull from the kite and chucking a pass in to boot should get you cheering yourself on even without witnesses. Best bet before trying this would be to get your shifty 3 down, as that way you’ll be used to the rotation and muscle memory should prevail when…

Kitesurfing Technique - Popped Front Loop to Toeside
Kitesurfing Technique - Popped Front Loop to Toeside
Popped Front Loop to Toeside

A while back we went through the sent, jumped version of this, and now it’s time for the next step, the popped one. If you haven’t yet tried this using the kite we suggest you do, as you’ll have more time and be in a more balanced position from which to land toe side. If you have and therefore have…

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Take a look at all the latest and greatest kitesurfing reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest kitesurfing equipment for years and our in depth kitesurfing reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

Kitesurfing Reviews - Shinn Jackson Sunburner 128 x 45cm 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Shinn Jackson Sunburner 128 x 45cm 2020
Shinn Jackson Sunburner

The Shinn Jackson Sunburner is a low volume hydrofoil board that is perfect for strapped or strapless riding. Mark Shinn has been a fan of foiling for some time, and this is his latest board to hit the shelves. Previous versions have been incredibly popular, and it is easy to see why. At its heart, it is a simple looking…

Kitesurfing Reviews - North Kiteboarding Cross 5’2 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - North Kiteboarding Cross 5’2 2020
North Kiteboarding Cross

One thing North Kiteboarding have done well is the naming of the products; everything is almost self-explanatory. Charge big waves on the Charge, win strapless freestyle competitions on the Comp, and if you want something in between, well then the Cross is that crossover board between strapless freestyle and charging big waves. It borrows similarities from the other two boards…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ocean Rodeo Razor 10m 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ocean Rodeo Razor 10m 2020
Ocean Rodeo Razor

Canadian kite brand Ocean Rodeo have a full range of kites, and we have been riding their freestyle specific Razor. The Razor is designed for those more experienced riders who focus almost entirely on high-end freestyle and high-velocity loops. The Razor is interestingly a four-strut kite, which is not something we have seen for a few years. It has a…


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