Insight - The North Girls

This issue we chat to Grace Seeley and Holley Butler who head up the North Kiteboarding marketing team. It was no small task last year to relaunch the brand, and they should be seen as inspirational figures within the sport. Jen Tyler chats to them and finds out where they came from and where they are headed...

Kitesurfing News

7 hours ago

Here's something to try if you are heading out for a session this weekend! Tom Courts sees a lot of people getting into jumps and…

10 hours ago

You can fix a lot of problems with your riding by adjusting the tension of your line correctly. This isn't something that is often taught…

13 hours ago

Tips from Lucas Arsenault on how to fold your kite!

1 day ago

In this video, Tom Court shows in detail the right way to change the Entire Trim Unit on the Duotone Click Bar. Any questions? Comment…

1 day ago

North Kiteboarding's Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman, explains why the design of the Reach kite makes it the ultimate desert island kite. He goes into…

2 days ago

In Sam Light's latest tutorial, he talks us through the step on 'How to kiteloop safely' and here are some of his top tips!


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We have a wealth of kitesurfing travel guides at your fingertips. Choose your next kiteboarding destination by browsing our interactive map and reading in-depth information on accommodation, wind and weather, the best spots to kitesurf, local kitesurfing schools and recommended restaurants and nightlife for each location. Our kitesurfing travel guides are categorised into continent and countries so you can easily pick where you would like to kitesurf in the sun.

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Dahab
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Dahab

Dahab (meaning 'Gold' in Arabic) is a small Bedouin town on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Only an hour away from St.Catherine and Mount Sinai, Dahab was initially filled with travellers on spiritual/religious pilgrimages. Dahab is also renowned for its windy conditions and its incredible underwater world. Anyone that has ever visited Dahab will tell you what a unique…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cancun
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cancun

The main kiteboarding spot in Cancun is Isla Blanca, which is one of the dreamiest places you’ll ever visit. A 10-mile strip of protected land extends away from Cancun, with the ocean on one side and miles of waist-deep, butter flat water on the other. This, combined with white sand, consistent winds, turquoise water and the most incredible birds will…

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Kremasti
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Kremasti

If you're looking for a summer kitesurf destination with never ending wind, then Rhodes is the place to be. Kremasti is a very nice village in the north of the island which is not so touristic and where the IKO/VDWS licenced Air Riders Kite Pro Center is stocked with the latest North Kiteboarding gear. Going there is like visiting your kite family, the…

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Big Blue Kiteboarding

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Christian and Karine have been putting together the best kitesurfing technique guides in the business since our very first issue. There are hundreds of different kitesurfing tricks and tips to choose from including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our kitesurfing technique section is easy to navigate and the perfect place to improve your knowledge before you hit the water.

Kitesurfing Technique - Jumping Beach Start
Kitesurfing Technique - Jumping Beach Start
Jumping Beach Start

Thought we’d throw this in as we’ve had hours of fun doing this with guests on clinics. It’s a very simple move for anyone who can manage a jump or preferably an air gybe. And in the right location, with the right wind direction as in Video 1 it opens the door to a plethora of tricks, from simple grabs…

Kitesurfing Technique - Raley
Kitesurfing Technique - Raley

For many a kiter the raley is likely to be their first foray into the world of unhooked trickery. The first low flying manoeuvre, which rewards in self-satisfaction and images of looking like the pros. The raley is jolly good fun and starts a completely new progression along one of kiting’s many paths, and for those of you who may…

Kitesurfing Technique - Hooked in Front to Blind
Kitesurfing Technique - Hooked in Front to Blind
Hooked in Front to Blind

Unfortunately many hooked-in moves are overshadowed by their unhooked cousins. Which is a great shame as they still showcase a lot of technique and can look so smooth. Once again the combinations of moves to and from blind look truly stunning. This was recently showcased by one of Britain’s most stylish riders, Ali Barret, who having broken his hand managed…

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Ride Engine

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United States


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Take a look at all the latest and greatest kitesurfing reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest kitesurfing equipment for years and our in depth kitesurfing reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

Kitesurfing Reviews - CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2020
CrazyFly Raptor Extreme

Crazyfly have brought some seriously good boards to the kiting world over the years. One of their extremely popular boards has been the Raptor. This freeride / freestyle board has been gracing the market for 13 years now. The carbon brother the Raptor LTD is another big hit being the slightly stiffer, lighter weight version. For the 2020 season Crazyfly…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Liquid Force Kites Glider 125 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Liquid Force Kites Glider 125 2020
Liquid Force Kites Glider

With foiling booming not only in kitesurfing but across a vast number of watersports, surfing, windsurfing, SUP, wake, sailing and more, we are seeing many brands put forward a crossover option. This issue we got to check out the Liquid Force Glider Foil. The Glider foil setup is a carbon composite 125 wing set with a 36” mast. We’re looking…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ride Engine APOC 4/3 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ride Engine APOC 4/3 2020
Ride Engine APOC 4/3

The APOC 4/3 from Ride Engine is a top of the line Spring/Autumn suit that packs enough heat you can wear it on the colder days too and still get away with it. High-quality construction is used throughout with glued, taped, blindstitched and liquid rubber seams and high-quality Neospan S-Foam limestone neoprene. Clever drainage in the chest, back and legs…