Michael Mac Donald

Michael Mac Donald

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2 weeks ago

Congratulations to Janek Grzegorzewski for claiming 1st place at the Tatajubafest 2020!

4 weeks ago

What's next for Big Air Kiteboarding? There are only 2 major competitions every year, giving 34 spots to riders, but there aren't only 34 riders…

2 months ago

Travelling in a COVID world! Travelling to the USA During COVID for Kitesurfing! I usually spend about 8 months of the year travelling for kitesurfing,…

2 months ago

IT'S HERE - Join the #1 Game for Kiteboarders! WOO PRO is now available for kiters on iOS and Android - Update your WOO App…

3 months ago

How To Boogieloop WARNING: Dangerous! In this video, Mikes shares his recipe for performing one of the most extreme kiteloop variations: the inverted frontroll kitelooop…

4 months ago

Get high with Mike How To Take Off Like a PRO is OUT! In this video, Mike shares his recipe for a powerful, explosive take-off.…

6 months ago

In this episode Get High with Mike, Michael Mac Donald shows us how to stop crashing and start landing backroll hand drags - so if…

6 months ago

Michael Mac Donald knows a thing or two about smashing WOO scores, and in this tutorial, he covers the 3 essential skills you need to…

6 months ago

Anton Chernyshov and Mike Mac Donald team up on this one on how to jump using waves as kickers. Brought to you by advakite.com

7 months ago

Your thoughts?! Michael Mac Donald asks, Is surfing better than kiteboarding? After years of diehard devotion to both, he compares both sports. Let us know…

7 months ago

In this episode of 'Get High with Mike', Michale Mac Donald goes over the 3 crucial components that go into landing a board off.

8 months ago

Big Air is what Michael Mac Donald lives for! When I'm out there sending big boogies there's NOTHING else that could be on my mind.…


I'm so stoked to be able to share something I'm passionate about with you! I'm an IKO-certified instructor with years of training in tough conditions in Cape Town. I give advanced coaching to kiters looking to push limits in the safest possible manner! Coach

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