Michael Mac Donald

Michael Mac Donald

Pro Rider | 942

2 weeks ago

In this episode of 'Get High with Mike', Michale Mac Donald goes over the 3 crucial components that go into landing a board off.

3 weeks ago

Big Air is what Michael Mac Donald lives for! When I'm out there sending big boogies there's NOTHING else that could be on my mind.…

2 months ago

A heli loop, downloop or landing loop, is the loop you throw before landing a massive jump and in this episode of 'Get High with…

4 months ago

Has Mike Mac Donald broken WOO record once again? We'll find out! Mike hit 34.1m on his CORE 7m Xr6, in 35-45 knots at Misty…


I'm so stoked to be able to share something I'm passionate about with you! I'm an IKO-certified instructor with years of training in tough conditions in Cape Town. I give advanced coaching to kiters looking to push limits in the safest possible manner! Coach

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