Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie Tronet

Pro Rider

5 months ago

When you ask Jeremie Tronet to make the dinner plans...

6 months ago

Around the World by Jeremie Tronet!

1 year ago

Here's a look at Jeremie Tronet's playground on Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines - what a spot to call home!

1 year ago

Ready to nail that Backroll Barspin this weekend? Click here to find out how it's done! Steps: Stopper ball close Let go of your backhand…

2 years ago

For those of you who were wondering what Jeremie Tronent does on Union Island!

2 years ago

The DUOTONE Academy App: A unique tool to improve your kiteboarding skills in no time! What it’s all about? More than 200 tricks and fitness…

2 years ago

#WeekendStoke - Check out this compilation edit by 'Kitesurfing Official 'of the best tricks, jumps, and starts and tag your favourite rider!

2 years ago

Continuing on the topic of investing in your progression, we are blown away by the amount of incredible resources available online for free to kiters…

2 years ago

Jeremie Tronet's signature move!

Issue 88

Progression is hard, and it gets harder as we go along. If you’ve been kiting for yonks, you may have found yourself stuck in a rut with the desire to get on the water beginning to fade. In this article, we’ll help light the match on your powderkeg of progression!

2 years ago
14 years ago

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