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13 hours ago

Check out Nobile Kiteboarding's latest production, Janek, chasing around our Baltic coast. The One suits Janek's kite expectations. It performs well in light wind for…

22 hours ago

The Maestro is back!

1 day ago

With closed eyes, the feeling of adrenaline-pumping drifts courses through your veins, even once the drive is over. Join Patrick Dempsey and Rita Arnaus as…

2 days ago

Join Sam Light on his Scottish adventure as he travels the North Coast 500, visiting John O'Groats, Rock Stacks, Duncansbury Lighthouse, a session with Tom…

2 days ago

Unbox the latest Duotone Kiteboarding gear with Pippa van Iersel - We look forward to seeing you back on the water soon!

3 days ago

The Fly V1 is an Intermediate wing that is also perfectly accessible for those new to this sport. Ozone took a modern design approach for…

3 days ago

Ben Beholz packs up and heads to  Capetown to try out his latest gear in his latest vlog - Click here to join his adventure!

3 days ago

Mikkel Hansen is back! Premiering for the first time - Watch Day in Life with Mikkel Hansen. Yeah, I know it has been i while…

3 days ago

It's LIVE - Greetings, everyone from Ponta Preta, Cape Verde! The perfect weather conditions are here to kick off the first GKA Kite-Surf event of…