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3 hours ago

It's road trip time! Join the SpaceX Kitesurfing crew on their road trip from the Netherlands to Denmark to score some epic sessions!

12 hours ago

Something new is brewing over at Eleveight! A new kite is about to drop, and they describe it as their lightest most innovative kite yet,…

15 hours ago

There's a lot in life to be grateful for, and we're stoked to see Oswald Smith and Kiko Torres taking a moment to share some…

21 hours ago

From farm canals in the Netherlands to the big stage at the GKA in Tarifa, Evan Klijn vlogs you through his latest big adventure, with…

1 day ago

Get your Big Air fix with this GKA Big Air Womens Recap video, featuring World Champ Capucine Delannoy, Karlie Thoma, and Bruna Kajiya. It was…

1 day ago

If you've just started out or want to maximise low-wind conditions, Nobile Kiteboarding's Flying Carpet is your go-to board! Why the Flying Carpet?  This is…

2 days ago

Here are all the details you need about North Kiteboarding’s all-new Code Zero Performance Foil Kite! Surprisingly light and stable, this kite will get you…

2 days ago

Mark Shinn talks us through the Hi-Lo pump, a pump that shifts the most air possible in the shortest amount of time (and with the…

2 days ago

What happens when the Airush team has a day off in the same city? Join Victor Hays as he packs up some Lithium and heads…