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6 hours ago | 2:25

Watch Airush shredders, Alex Pastor and Anthar Racca, as they head out on an epic road trip to Isla Blanca and Progreso, Mexico.

9 hours ago | 2:1

Check out the latest additions to the Ocean Roder product line - just in time for summer! The Towel / Change Hoodie Super soft, absorbent,…

12 hours ago | 2:0

Drama at Formula Kite Asians as Leading Women Demoted for Errors! The four women who topped the standings at the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships…

14 hours ago | 1:27

Part 4 of 5 just dropped in the 'En La Playa' series from Duotone Kiteboarding, featuring Italian shredder Francesca Bagnoli - YOU NEED TO WATCH…

15 hours ago | 1:8

Tom Court talks us through how to attach your new foil to your board as we respond to questions about this topic. You may have…

18 hours ago | 01:39

Last month the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding crew, partners and riders visited Sal, why? To 'GET STOKED'! Watch this!

21 hours ago | 02:46

Hydrofoils provide a unique connection to the ocean; our feelings got stronger, our playground got bigger! Join the #foilculture.  

2 days ago

The quickest kitefoil racers in Asia are set to battle for the continental crown in a week of enthralling action on the smooth waters off…

2 days ago | 2:42

Introducing the new Naish Wing-Surfer - a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached!…


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