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13 hours ago

Duotone's Volt SLS 2024 has arrived! Made in Italy, the Volt SLS is our first Concept Blue surfboard! The goal was to reduce the impact…

19 hours ago

Ben Beholz and the crew explore Sardinia in his latest vlog!

22 hours ago

Watch the 2023 FormulaKite European Championships  Day 2 highlights here!

1 day ago

Ready for a closer look at the 2024 Kite Foil boards from North Kiteboarding? Join North Shaper Jaimie Scott and Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt as…

2 days ago

Learn more about Lauriane Nolot, Axel Mazella, and Daniela Moroz decision to skip the Europeans in Portsmouth as they share their thoughts.

2 days ago

Hugo is defying gravity with this insane 5th highest jump on his Flysurfer 6m Sonic 4 on 20m lines!

3 days ago

Eleveight jsut releaed the CS Auto bar which has an automatic swiveling mechanism that helps in untwisting the lines while you ride. This innovative feature…

3 days ago

Drone moments by Alexander Lewis-Hughes featuring Ramiro Gallart, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter, Noe Font, Brendan Kerr, Xander Raith - Check it out!

3 days ago

Alex Buss guides us through everything about twintips! The first section explains some basic board physics, and The second section talks us through the different…