Latest Kitesurfing News

3 hours ago

Jeremy Jones is at it again; kiteboarding on ice in Minnesota! How about that sound though?!

15 hours ago

Lolo BSD providing all the airstyle entertainment at the lake!

1 day ago

BIG NEWS at the Cabrinha HQ! Cabrinha announces a major shift towards a more sustainable manufacturing process with a switch to Bio-based Dyneema® lines for…

1 day ago

Shinnworld has done it, yet again! The Bronq Chromatic is much more than just an incremental change; it’s a giant step forwards in efficiency and…

2 days ago

Janek Grzegorzewski going MENTAL in this big air session in Tarifa - 40 knots and MASSIVE waves; how does he make it look so effortless?!…

3 days ago

Go grab yourself a drink and then come back and watch Lolo BSD absolutely sending it on the snow! His season wrap-up video features more…

4 days ago

When it comes to finding the ultimate kite for a combination of lightweight performance in a single model for foil, freeride, and surf, there is…

4 days ago

With travel restrictions easing and mass vaccination progressing quickly, the first international kiteboarding events will commence as planned from July onwards. The Notices of Race…

5 days ago

We thought we'd throw in a little wake action from the boy's winch trip! Dominik Hernler, Maxim van Helvoort and Timo Kapl on a winch…