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1 hour ago

#KitersInIsolation, remember this one?┬áRuben Lenten and his crew chase a storm from the Netherlands to Ireland. Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly,…

4 hours ago

Follow the Naish Team through Cape Town for the last episode of Stories from the Road

10 hours ago

In Flysurfer's new 'How To' tutorial, they demonstrate how to replace your chicken loop on the FORCE control bar. Find out more, right here.

16 hours ago

Sam Lights just dropped his latest foiling tutorial, and in this episode he explains the easiest way, in his opinion, to turn around while foiling.…

1 day ago

When was the last time you properly checked your gear? Well, now is the time! It is essential to check if your gear is in…

1 day ago

3-meter line extensions are an invaluable tool that gives you the ability to change the range and performance of every kite in your quiver. They…

2 days ago

In Steven Akkersdijk's latest episode of SA Masterclass, he shares his top tips on 'how to jump higher'. This video is focussed on flat water,…

2 days ago

Rich Sabo highlights the steps necessary to find out if/where you might have a leak in your kite. Once you've figured out where the hole…

2 days ago

#KitersInIsolation, we're playing the 2nd episode of Hidden Lines - Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen set out to travel the San Blas Islands.…