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3 days ago

Here's another one to add to your transition list by Alex Buss (Kite-Surf College). This tutorial looks at the surface backroll transition, explaining the kite…

4 days ago

Does Pippa van Iersel have what it takes to enter FULL POWER Tarifa? Let us know what you think!

4 days ago

Felix Kersten takes the scenic route from Switzerland to Italy - Enjoy the ride!

5 days ago

A normal day on the water with Nick Jacobsen is just what you'd expect, not so normal at all! This is what most sessions at…

6 days ago

We'd also be pretty stoked with a homespot like this! Watch Lolo BSD, Edgar Ulrich, Simone Borgi and Mehdi Regragui shred through the alps.

6 days ago

More gorgeous footage from the Caribbeans! In this episode, Jeremie Tronet and Reno Romeu venture to Palm Island and Mayreau (A wave spot about a…

7 days ago

Now, this is worth a watch! Celebrating his twentieth year of kiteboarding, Alexander Lewis-Hughes aka Rowdy pieces together random moments from across a tumultuous year,…

7 days ago

Searching for your MOJO? Well, Flysurfer is releasing it next week - WATCH THIS SPACE!  #findyourMOJO

1 week ago

In Alex Buss's latest tutorial, he talks us through the kite foil 360 in detail; a non-aerial backroll (basically meaning you ride the foil around…