Elias Ouahmid

Elias Ouahmid

Pro Rider

1 month ago

The New Ultra Team - Get a sneak peek at Airush's latest edit ft Elias Ouahmid! Defining the future of minimalistic, lightweight performance design for…

1 month ago

Now, this looks like a slick piece of technology! Airush has just released a teaser of the new Ultra Team kite. Defining the future of…

2 years ago

Airush delivers five minutes of glorious action from their riders around the world in their latest video, where we get to see the personality of…

2 years ago

Six-time German Champion Elias Ouahmid shares his connection to Africa and his life in Europe. From the pressure of competition to the freedom of foiling.…

2 years ago

Foiling is now more diverse and fun than ever before. The Airush foil board range takes you through a freeride journey from the wave-oriented Mini…

2 years ago

You've got to watch this! Join Oswald Smith, Gijs Wassenaar, and Elias Ouahmid for a session in Cape Town on the New Lift. The Lift…

3 years ago

Ultra Everything!  The Ultra v3 has yet again proven to be unbeatable for lightwind freeride performance, foiling, and wave riding alike. The exclusive Airush Load…

Issue 84

The Airush Ultra Bar is designed with minimalism in mind. Click here to learn why a bar with no 'extra features' might be the bar for you!

2 years ago
Issue 77

Can we carry on as we are as a kiteboarding industry or do we need to make drastic changes to our habits and processes for our sport to become environmentally neutral? Join Rou Chater as he turns his journo mode on as he sets out to discover what is happening right now and what can be done moving forward.

3 years ago

2x German champion in race Kiteboboarding. 16 years old from Bavaria. Supported by Airush, Gerolsteiner and Ion.

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