Brandon Scheid

Brandon Scheid

Pro Rider

7 months ago

In this kite foil lesson, Brandon Scheid and Alex Fox explain how to carry you foil into the water and complete your first kite foil...

7 months ago

Watch Team Gold from the KPL 2023 - Captained by Brandon Schied was packed with talent, including Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Sensi Graves, Nick Baines, Devin Carboll,...

8 months ago

Join the Ride Engine crew, including Manuel Selman, Brandon Scheid, Jesse Faen, Bryan Metcaf-Perez, Kylie Zarmati and Reed Brady, as they set out on an...

10 months ago

Matt Nuzzo talks with 200 x Triple S Winner and Slingshot product tester/designer Brandon Scheid about the Slingshot Code. For more information on Slingshot's Code,...

12 months ago

Ride Engine's El Camino Chapter 3 has arrived; this time, the spotlight is on Brandon Scheid! Discover Brandon's unyielding passion with the wind as he...

1 year ago

Ride Engine's Downwind Dry Bag has been thoughtfully designed to hold the essentials in case of these unforeseen happenings. Large enough to hold a cellphone, a...

1 year ago

Using the same proprietary data that created Ride Engine's Elite Carbon hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber utilises a Structurally Engineered Shell of slightly...

1 year ago

Slingshot's lead product tester Brandon Scheid walks us through the benefits of the new SlingWing V3 Hard Handle Wing. The legendary power and stability of...

1 year ago

Slingshot's Phantasm PTM Series wings are high-aspect for foilers who demand speed and agility but still need dependable stability for those critical moments. These are...

1 year ago

Ride Engine is stoked to introduce its all-new Onsen line of wetsuits, constructed with 100% Yamamoto#40 neoprene. No corners were cut, and no details were...

1 year ago

During a rare easterly wind gusting 48mph, Sam Light heads to Hood River to visit Slingshot & Ride Engine's toy department to grab some kit...

2 years ago

Brandon Scheid and Wyatt Miller talk us through Slingshot Foil's Hover Glide adjustable rear stabilizer - Built to give the foiler absolute control over the...

Issue 103

A minimalist harness with no shortage of technology, the Ride Engine Roam is a new travel-friendly harness which adventurous kiters should take a closer look at! Find out what makes this harness so unique in this Q&A!

2 months ago
Issue 101

In this issue, we take a peek at what's new in the industry at AWSI. Head to the Red Sea to catch the action from Windseekers KiteFest, read our Olympic update, and find out about some of the newest gear to hit the market from Ozone and Duotone! It's all here in On The Fly!

6 months ago
Issue 97

A trip with the Ride Engine crew is sure to be an off-the-charts adventure, and this one was no exception! On a mission to find endless, uncrowded, peeling waves, the RE team set off to Chile. In this exclusive article, Brandon Scheid takes us along for the ride in the land of lefts!

1 year ago
Issue 89

Ride Engine’s premium range of wetsuits has received an upgrade, and we’re checking in with Gary Siskar to find out all about the new APOC and ELARA lines!

3 years ago
Issue 85

During any normal year, these three women would be thousands of miles apart on their own kite adventures. This year, they were looking for winter wind a little closer to home. What happens when you combine three ladies with a shared passion for kiting, snow, and sharing the stoke with other women? The answers lie in this article!

3 years ago
Issue 76

Join Xander Raith as he gives us the inside scoop behind one of the fastest-growing events on the kiteboarding calendar!

5 years ago
Issue 70

Brandon Scheid and the Liquid Force Kites crew give us the low down on one of the best winter spots out there, La Ventana in Baja, Mexico. Think warm winds, cold beers and good vibes, and you get the picture!

6 years ago
Issue 70

A lot of hard work goes into creating the Hood Jam, one of the premier events on kiteboarding’s calendar. Annelous Lammerts looks at the history behind the Jam and what makes it so unique.

6 years ago
Issue 66

Brandon Scheid pushes off on an adventure to see if he can score a once-in-a-lifetime session at a never-been-ridden spot in his own backyard. Read Brandon’s story to find out of journeying beyond his local kite beach pays off.

6 years ago
Issue 64

The Kite Park League is having huge success as the best tour on the planet right now for pro riders. At the top, the gap has closed, and everything is to play for, this year's result is going to go right down to the wire!

7 years ago
Issue 62

Brandon Scheid heads to Asia and discovers everything isn’t quite as it seems, travelling in the east can be challenging, but if you are prepared to compromise the rewards can be endless!

7 years ago
Issue 61

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

7 years ago
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13 years ago

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