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The Kiteboarder Magazine

“Really good drift, pretty fast turning, no uncomfortable pull, was gentle but still had power. This is a great kite for strapless riding, less pull than other wave kites, great drift for turns on a surfboard.” // Kristin Vincenzo

“Super stable in the air, felt quick for its size, and stayed in the air even with slack in the lines. Always knew where the kite was in the sky – could even be a great kite for a beginner.” // Chris Myles

“Steady drift, clean power delivery, playful, lively even in the larger sizes. Stronger bar pressure but smooth power delivery, responsive turning and a consistent pull through turns. Fun nimble and easy to fly.” // Joe Chehock

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Pro's Evan Netsch & Damien LeRoy breakdown how to self land your kite when no one is around to help you. We always recommend to have someone grab your kite if you have the option.

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Sessions with Moona Whyte episode #12.
In the beautiful Marshall Islands.
A must watch!

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If you have been looking for a little adventure look no farther. Join Blake Olsen for a trip of a lifetime. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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The 2019 FX is for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love jumping big and performing kiteloops.

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2 weeks ago

Have you tried the Cabrinha Fireball bar connection system?

Fireball is the first kite connection system purpose built for kitesurfing from the ground up. Its unique design harnesses the specific forces and movements of kiteboarding, and combines them with ergonomic form factors to create a kite connection which seamlessly translates your body movements into an immediate kite reaction. It instantly upgrades any kite and harness delivering more control, security, and comfort than ever before. #LiveFreeRideFree

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2 weeks ago

What’s your favorite mega loop combination? Rider Damien LeRoy with a late back roll mega loop.

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Have you tried the 2019 Cabrinha Ace wood?

Check out the latest review from: The Kiteboarder Magazine.
“Excellent edge grip with comfortable pads. It rides like a caddy — very comfortable, friendly and soft landings with excellent upwind edging that makes it an excellent board for all around cruising.” // Joe Chehock

Our driving force is to provide progressive kiteboarding solutions for all areas of our unique sport.
Cabrinha is a kitesurfing company inspired and driven by Maui-based waterman, Pete Cabrinha. Recognized as the best kite manufacturer in the industry, we provide the highest level of quality, comfort, control and security to enhance every kitesurfing experience. With over 40 distribution centers world wide we are able to offer premium service globally. We are socially connected to like minded people who enjoy the water, are protective of the planet and are stewards of the ocean.
Company overview
Since 2000, Cabrinha, a subsidiary of the Pryde Group, has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Inspired and driven by Maui-based waterman, Pete Cabrinha, the company produces everything from kites to boards to accessories and sponsors the top athletes in the sport.

The Cabrinha approach to kiteboarding has evolved very much from the same philosophy that Pete has applied to his many years of surfing. By keeping an open mind to all styles of riding and embracing new technologies, Cabrinha has been able to lead kitesurfing into a new era of performance.

Our research and development facility in Maui is perfectly situated for testing in any and all wind and water conditions. This, combined with our own state of the art production facility, assures consistency and accuracy from design to production.
Our mission is to deliver the highest quality kiteboarding gear on the market and provide premium service to our valued customers world wide.  We pursue innovation as the driving force behind our development philosophy and hold fast to our position as the design and manufacturing leader in the kitesurf industry.  We will continually evolve the Cabrinha brand as a technical, yet culturally connected force in the action sports world.
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(808) 893-0286
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Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace Carbon 141 x 43cm 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace Carbon 141 x 43cm 2019
Cabrinha Ace Carbon

With many brilliant boards in their range Cabrinha have always had some key contenders, one of those has always been the Ace. With two variants again this year, the Ace Wood and Ace Carbon you can pick the perfect Ace for you. We got our hands on the new 2019 Cabrinha Ace Carbon recently combined with the H20 multi-adjustment premium…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019
Cabrinha Moto

Recently we have had our hands on some of the 2019 Cabrinha gear. For 2019 we see a few models disappear and some new additions throughout the lineup, one of the most exciting is the new Moto. The Cabrinha Moto is a 3 strut, versatile freeride crossover kite. With many kites in their range targeting certain disciplines, the Moto is…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha XO 136 x 39.5cm 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha XO 136 x 39.5cm 2019
Cabrinha XO

Cabrinha’s successful women’s range, the XO, is back for 2019 in the shape of the Moto kite and the XO board. The XO is based on the high performing Ace board, but has been tuned and shaped with the help of Cabrinha’s talented female riders to create a board which works for those starting out all the way through to…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace Wood 138 x 41.5cm 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace Wood 138 x 41.5cm 2018
Cabrinha Ace Wood

Cabrinha have brought a huge range of products to the table for us in 2018. We now see multiple variants of some of their top end twin tip boards, the Xcal Carbon (which we reviewed recently, check this out in the previous issue or via our website), Xcal Wood, Ace Carbon and the all new Ace Wood. For 2018 Cabrinha…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Chaos 11m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Chaos 11m 2018
Cabrinha Chaos

The world of kiteboarding has lately been seeing some incredible advances in freestyle riding and big air riding, with riders pushing the limits further than ever before. We have had c-shape kites in kitesurfing for many moons now. However, the latest c-kites are performing above and beyond what we could only have dreamt of back in the early days. We…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Contra 17m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Contra 17m 2018
Cabrinha Contra

No matter what level you are in Kiteboarding you’re going to be thinking “what do I do on those light wind days?”… Well, you’ll want light wind kite. Gone have the days where the grown-ups used to throw rocks at me for being the only person riding. We have foilboards, foil kites and some amazing light wind LEI’s that get…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Drifter 5m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Drifter 5m 2018
Cabrinha Drifter

The Cabrinha Drifter is the surf-orientated kite from powerhouse Cabrinha. A 3 strut hybrid design, it has been designed to be equally at home gunning down the line as performing some crazy strapless airs. Redesigned for 2018, this year the kite has had its shape and arc reinvented to accommodate the growing strapless freestyle trend. The result is a kite…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha FX 12m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha FX 12m 2018
Cabrinha FX

The Cabrinha FX stormed into the high end freeride freestyle crossover market on its first outing, and since then it keeps getting better and better, winning an army of fans worldwide. Now, for 2018 it has been redesigned and packs some of Cabrinha’s latest design and construction improvements as well as some new features. The 2018 Cabrinha FX is well…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Switchblade 10m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Switchblade 10m 2018
Cabrinha Switchblade

Cabrinha has been releasing some cracking high quality, high-performance gear to the kite market since day dot. We’ve seen models come and go, models progress and the range of their kites grow over the years. There is one model out there you most certainly would have come across: the Cabrinha Switchblade. The Switchblade has been refined consistently for over 12…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Tronic 141 x 42cm 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Tronic 141 x 42cm 2018
Cabrinha Tronic

The 2018 Tronic enters the Cabrinha line up as their go-to chop muncher and wave slasher. A freeride shape, the Tronic has rounded rails with tapered tips and a quad concave base for exceptional upwind performance and drive. Coming in 3 different sizes, the largest Tronic has an entirely new shape, which reminds you of an older style mutant board,…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha XCal Carbon 141 x 43cm 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha XCal Carbon 141 x 43cm 2018
Cabrinha XCal Carbon

The XCaliber Carbon is Cabrinha’s high-performance competition freestyle board. Proven to be a top performer while under Liam Whaley’s feet, the board has a double concave, a moderate to high rocker and tip channels. Constructed using a custom double 45-degree bias Carbon Fiber, this stiffens the board giving it a huge amount of responsive pop. While the 2018 XCaliber Carbon…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace 139 x 42cm 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Cabrinha Ace 139 x 42cm 2017
Cabrinha Ace

We’ve taken a look at a lot of the Cabrinha 2017 gear so far, and the next product to land under our feet is the 2017 Cabrinha Ace twintip. You’ve probably seen it being ridden by team rider Nick Jacobsen, boosting loops, slipping a foot out and commonly found mucking about near solid objects. He definitely puts the Ace through…

6 days ago | 1:14

It's #wipeoutwednesday, and we've got a good one for you! Check out these strapless crashes from Ponta Preta during the GKA stop! It’s not about…

2 weeks ago | 7:1

Some tips for the weekend! Join Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy, as they breakdown how to self land your kite when no one is around…

2 weeks ago | 6:46

'Sessions with Moona' is BACK! Join triple Kitesurf World Champion Moona Whyte and Keahi De Aboitiz in the Marshall Islands as they explore the most…

2 weeks ago | 2:16

The first edition of the African Freestyle Kiteboarding Championships commenced on Friday in Dakhla, Morocco, hosted by Dakhla Attitude. 18 top freestyle athletes signed up…

3 weeks ago | 1:11

YESSS! Keahi de Aboitiz has dedicated his year to chasing big swells and the biggest barrels he can fit himself into. He starts off his…

4 weeks ago | 2:50

Mitu and Moona hold tight at the top to prevail at Ponta Preta! After four days of absolutely all-time conditions at Ponta Preta, Mitu Monteiro and…

4 weeks ago | 11:34

Stop what you are doing and check this out! Keahi De Aboitiz just snagged what he describes as 'the best barrel ever kitesurfed' as Cyclone…

4 weeks ago | 8:37

Some useful tips for the weekend! Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy breakdown how to untangle your lines when you have inverted your kite in the…

4 weeks ago | 1:2

It's down to the last men and women standing at Ponta Preta! Nine hours is a long time to stay glued to the live stream, so…

4 weeks ago | 2:34

Just in case you missed the live stream yesterday, here are the highlights from all the Day Two action! It will all continue today with…

4 weeks ago | 2:34

Moona Whyte and Mitu Monteiro storm the single eliminations on an action-packed day two at the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde! Yesterday we saw…

4 weeks ago | 5:31

Karolina Winkowska just dropped her latest vlog, and in this episode, Karolina (with Lauren Holman, Lucas Arsenault, Emerson Johnstone, and Alexander Lewis-Hughes) refresh our knowledge with…

Issue 73

The world is changing and in order to secure our future as a small independent publisher we’re launching a new supporter program. Love our content? Then for less than the cost of a beer you can help us to keep it coming!

2 months ago
Issue 73

Lewis Crathern has been to Egypt more times than he cares to mention, however, it wasn’t until his latest trip to Dahab that he felt he truly discovered the real Egypt. Forget the tourist spots and the pyramids; this is as authentic as it gets right here.

2 months ago
Issue 73

Want to turn your kitesurfing up a notch or two? Check out these tricks that are sure to impress! Christian and Karine are back with Heliarde, and a range of moves to suit everyone!

2 months ago
Issue 73

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 months ago
Issue 73

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

2 months ago
Issue 72

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop kiteboarding, why not strap on a snowboard or some ski’s and take your kites to the next level in the mountains? Check out Lukas Pitsch’s incredible guide to snowkiting right here!

4 months ago
Issue 72

Three skills to learn this issue but which will you master? Check out our fantastic technique feature this issue. These moves are within everyone’s grasp this issue; all it takes is a little practice!

4 months ago
Issue 72

Lots more 2019 product is getting the once-over from the test team this issue, have we tested your favourite kite or board? Find out right here...

4 months ago
Issue 72

Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts are two of the most passionate kiters on the planet, when Alex discovered a new spot in Brazil he knew he had to get all his friends together and build a kite park! Check out the full story right here!

4 months ago
Issue 71

Rou Chater and Mary Booth travel to Sicily to join the Cabrinha Rider Academy and learn what it takes to be a pro rider; it’s not all deckchairs and ice creams either! Early starts, long days and lots of sun cream are needed to get the footage and the job done!

6 months ago
Issue 71

Three skills to learn this issue but which will you master? We can do the first two the second one, not so much! How about you?

6 months ago
Issue 71

More 2019 kites and boards put under the microscope this issue, check out our latest reviews here!

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Re Solve Split Kiteboard From Kitelement

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Compact Series Surfboard from ODO Kiteboarding


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CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon Board


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6m Flysurfer Stoke


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CrazyFly 2017 Sculp 9m and Sick Bar


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GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


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GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


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Fireball Set Up with an Apollo Kite from Cabrinha


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Blade Trigger 10m Kite


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Board and Boot Set Up from Liquid Force


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Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


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Wetsuit and Harness from Manera


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Ride Engine Harness!


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Prize Pack from TSHOTSH

Guy, Vince

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Wainman Hawaii ManiaC Kite


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Liquid Force Legacy Board


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Slingshot Vision Board


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Blade Mist Kite and Bar


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2015 Core GTS3 8m Kite and Bar


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Ozone Reo Wave Kite


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Brunotti Board and a Pair of Sunglasses


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Dakine Harness and Travel Bag


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Manera EXO Harness and Goodies!


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North Gonzales Kite Board!


Issue 41 Mon 2nd Dec, 2013

Best Spark Plug Kite Board


Issue 40 Wed 9th Oct, 2013

Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


Issue 39 Fri 2nd Aug, 2013

GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


Issue 38 Sun 2nd Jun, 2013

CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


Issue 37 Mon 1st Apr, 2013

Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


Issue 36 Sat 2nd Feb, 2013

2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


Issue 35 Mon 3rd Dec, 2012

Soul Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo


Issue 34 Mon 1st Oct, 2012

2013 Mystic Wetsuit and Harness


Issue 33 Sun 5th Aug, 2012

Wainman Joke Kitesurfing Board


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