Cabrinha Moto X Apex 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Moto X Apex 2024

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What can be done to enhance an already remarkable kite? The solution is to give it the Apex treatment.

A testament to the Apex Series of kites, the Moto X Apex version offers a lighter feel and even more playful handling than before.

To achieve this, they have utilized Ultra HT for the main airframe, resulting in improved stability, steering, and recovery due to exceptional bias elongation controls. This is complemented by the use of the Aero spliced bridle line and new lighter weight bladders, making it the lightest 3 strut kite in the Cabrinha range to date.

The Moto X Apex features a 3 strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design with reactive wing tips, fast and efficient profiles, and a reduced coning of the arc shape. These unique attributes enable the Moto to fly at incredible speeds through the wind window.

Ideal for freeride, surf, freestyle, and foiling, the Moto X Apex offers excellent performance in various disciplines. Its light bar pressure and fast steering make it incredibly user-friendly, while the absence of pulleys provides outstanding feedback.

Key improvements in materials have been made. Ultra HT, an exclusive material to the Apex Series, offers strength and responsiveness. Nano Ripstop Canopy, known for durability and stability, has been enhanced with a 3mm double rip stop pattern, increasing tear strength. The Apex bridles are thinner, have lower elongation, and optimize efficiency and steering. Additionally, the Sprint 3.0 inflation system and TPU bumpers contribute to improved air flow and durability respectively.

Transportation and storage have also been considered, with the inclusion of an expanding backpack that allows for easy packing and comfortable carrying of the kite, pump, and control system.

In summary, the Moto X Apex is a versatile and fun kite suitable for a variety of activities. Its lightweight design, responsive handling, and excellent performance make it a go-to choice for riders looking to maximize their experience on the water.


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