Naish Kiteboarding Psycho Nvision 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Psycho Nvision 2024

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The Psycho Nvision is a game-changing Big Air kite tailored for kiteboarders seeking top-tier quality and performance. Designed to elevate riders of all skill levels into the realm of higher jumps and longer hangtime, this kite redefines the Big Air experience with its innovative features.

Constructed with the revolutionary Aluula "Helium Frame," the Psycho Nvision boasts a thinner leading edge and a 5-strut system that translates to faster-turning loops, quicker acceleration, and increased lift. Its Quadtex Ripstop canopy ensures durability during challenging landings. The kite's great depower, aerodynamic bridles, and Aluula Technology contribute to its lightweight and stable flight characteristics, offering efficiency and speed in the air.

The kite's Lock Seam enhances profile support, while the new frame design, combined with Aluula technology, results in a sturdy construction with a reduced leading edge diameter. The wingtip construction showcases increased strength and lighter weight, promoting direct turning performance. With features like Trailing-Edge Flutter Dispersion, QuadTex canopy, reinforcement against wear and tear, and streamlined valve and pump-hose, the Psycho Nvision excels in durability and performance under various conditions.

Overall, the Psycho Nvision, embraced by Naish's progressive Big Air team, presents a blend of cutting-edge technology and design, offering riders the confidence and reliability to push their limits and progress swiftly. Whether aspiring to break records or explore new tricks in the Big Air scene, the Psycho Nvision stands out as the ultimate choice. Don't miss the opportunity to unleash your adventurous side and soar to new heights with the Psycho Nvision.


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