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Naish Kiteboarding Pivot Nvision 2024

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The Pivot Nvision sets a new standard for a high-performance all-around kite with its ground-up redesign. Boasting a durable Aluula and Quadtex canopy, it offers unparalleled speed and responsiveness. Unlike its dacron counterpart, the Pivot Nvision has a 50 percent lighter leading edge, making it ideal for light wind conditions while retaining its shape in gusty conditions. This kite excels in all disciplines, delivering quick recovery from kite loops, impressive vertical jumps, and immediate bar feedback. With proprietary seam construction techniques, every seam is stronger than the material itself. The Pivot Nvision is more than just a gear upgrade; it's the only kite you'll ever need.

One of the notable improvements in the Pivot Nvision is the new wingtip construction, which is 30 percent stronger and lighter than previous versions. The extended canopy all the way to the Leading Edge enhances performance by offering more direct turning. Lightweight Aerodynamic Bridles, using top-quality TLS400 flying lines, significantly reduce air and water drag. The Radial Segmented Arc design reduces sharp edges on the kite's arc, formed by short linear segments. Aramid Bumpers protect the kite during launching and landing. The Aluula Helium Air Frame, which is lighter, stiffer, and more durable, provides a smaller leading edge diameter and an exceptional wind range suitable for various disciplines. The Trailing Edge Flutter Dispersion, featuring a 2-ply QuadTex construction with flutter dispersing triangles, ensures a tighter canopy and enhanced durability. Molded Strut Ends provide additional reinforcement to protect the struts from wear and tear. The One Point Inflation System maximizes efficiency, while the Progressive Profile allows for power generation in the center sections and faster turning with flatter tips.

The Pivot Nvision also features new bladder cap construction, optimized aspect ratios and draft for a comfortable user experience, a diagonal load seam for distribution of kite tension, aramid patches for added protection and reinforcement on the leading edge seams, HT Plus Seam with high-tenacity thread for a stronger leading edge, and a SureLock Valve for a streamlined valve and pump hose locks. Additionally, the Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric ensures exceptional durability and maintains high-performance characteristics in punishing conditions.

In summary, the Pivot Nvision stands out as a high-performance all-around kite with its redesigned features and premium materials. It offers speed, responsiveness, and durability, making it the ultimate partner for progression in any kiteboarding discipline.


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