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Naish Kiteboarding Pivot 2024

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The Pivot is a versatile kite that is suitable for a wide range of kiteboarders. This year, there have been performance changes that benefit both everyday riders and professionals. The new draft of the kite has been optimized for better performance based on the size, resulting in improved control and increased wind range. The aspect ratios have been fine-tuned to provide a more comfortable experience for all users. By using Quad-Tex ripstop canopy material and a new Dacron construction on the wingtips, the responsiveness of the kite has been improved while reducing weight. After almost a decade of development, the Pivot remains at the top of its game.

One of the notable improvements is the wingtip construction, which is now 30% stronger, lighter, and requires less dacron. The extended canopy to the Leading Edge gives the kite a sleeker appearance and offers performance benefits such as more direct turning. The profile along the wingspan has been evolved to allow the center sections to generate power while the flatter tips minimize drag and enable faster turning. The kite tension is distributed for a more powerful and well-balanced performance, and the kite's arch is formed by short linear segments instead of sharp edges.

Included with the kite is a bag that can accommodate it and all necessary accessories. The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric used in the canopy is extremely durable, ensuring the kite's longevity without compromising its high-performance characteristics. Additionally, the leading edge is reinforced with high-tenacity thread along the seam, allowing for higher pressure inflation and better flying performance. The molded strut ends provide additional protection against wear and tear, and the leading edge seams are reinforced for added durability.

The kite features a one-point inflation system for easy inflation and deflation, and the streamlined valve and pump hose securely lock to the valve. The luff strut provides an adaptable framework for improved low-end power. The trailing edge incorporates a 2-ply QuadTex construction with flutter dispersing triangles for a tighter canopy and enhanced durability. Launch and landing protection is also provided to prevent wear and tear.

With the adjustment setting, you can comfortably fly a larger kite in higher winds with control, or choose a more consistent low-end power. Overall, the 2024 Pivot has seen significant improvements in performance and control while retaining its all-around appeal. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, the 2024 Pivot will enhance your skills from the moment you start using it.


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