Naish Kiteboarding Triad 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Triad 2024

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The Triad kite by Naish is a versatile and dependable choice for riders seeking an easy-to-use and stable kite with a wide wind range. With the innovative Synergy Bridle System allowing quick adjustments for different riding styles, the Triad excels on any board. Its redesigned wingtips enhance drift on the waves, offering a smooth performance tailored for wave riders.

This kite's agility, coupled with a broad wind range, ensures effortless maneuverability through challenging wave sections, while the deep draft and luff strut enhance its sheet-in-and-go performance. The "Swift Tip" wingtip design contributes to a stronger and lighter overall kite. Combining durability with exceptional performance, the Triad promises years of enjoyable use with intuitive handling, responsive bar feel, and great surf performance.

The Triad's notable features include quick bridle adjustments for personalized performance, sturdy wingtip construction, and a robust canopy. The kite is designed with efficiency, durability, and enhanced performance in mind. It boasts lightweight aerodynamic bridle lines, increased drift down the line for wave riding, and optimized aspect ratios and draft for a well-balanced riding experience.

Moreover, the Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric ensures longevity and high performance, making the Triad a reliable choice season after season. With its comprehensive set of features and attention to detail, the Triad kite by Naish is a top-tier option for riders looking to elevate their riding experience. Upgrade your sessions with the Triad and enjoy the transformative performance it offers.

In summary the Naish Triad kite impresses with its stability, wide wind range, and innovative features designed to enhance performance across different riding styles. Riders can expect durability, responsiveness, and versatility from this multifaceted kite, making it a standout choice for those seeking an elevated riding experience.


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