Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2024

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At A Glance

The Switchblade is one of the best-selling kite lineages of all time. The latest iteration promises to retain the Switchblade DNA, which embodies predictable, versatile, and easily accessible performance for all. Throughout its years, it has simultaneously been the first kite purchase choice for many beginners and the go-to kite for Cabrinha team riders. This zero-to-hero kite may be in its 17th iteration, but Cabrinha is promising a 'new generation Switchblade' this year.

The new Switchblade features one of the most significant updates in recent years, as the entire airframe (leading edge and struts) is now entirely made from Cabrinha's HTD Lite high-performance and lightweight materials. This will complement their proprietary nano-ripstop canopy material well, which has been used for many years. This weight reduction will make a particularly big difference with the Switchblade, given its 5-strut design, and should not only speed things up but increase its low end.

The new Cabrinha retains its direct feeling with a pulley-less balanced bridle, ensuring fast turning, a responsive platform, and two bar pressure and turning speed adjustment options at the steering line attachment pigtail. It also retains other recently introduced updates to the Cabrinha kite lineup, including the Sprint 3.0 inflation system and the streamlined TPU leading edge and seam bumpers.

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In The Air

The Cabrinha Switchblade has fairly soft bar pressure and very easy and intuitive handling characteristics. The kite definitely provides plenty of feedback through the bar, but it feels smooth. The steering is medium to fast and pivotal, and the kite goes faster through the sky than before. The new generation model definitely retains the approachable personality of its predecessors, but there is something a bit sharper and sportier about it; GTi, if you will.

The Switchblade has an impressive amount of 'sheet and go' power when the kite is in a static position, which makes it super easy to jump on and ride. That said, there is noticeable further dynamic power available when you work the kite or generate apparent wind, and it rides upwind very easily at a good angle as a result.

The Switchblade is a very easy jumping kite. It does a lot of the work for you and doesn't require precise take-off timing or line tension. You will, of course, get extra height if you put in this effort, but as long as the kite is near 12, you'll go high when you pull the bar in and experience plenty of float. It delivers the lift smoothly, making it very easy to stay in control of your body positioning. An excellent kite for progressing from jumping to inverted rotations and the like because of the smooth power delivery, allowing you to focus on your body movements.

The Switchblade has more than enough on the bar depower, which gives the kite a large wind range and really allows you to jump high when you start getting more and more powered. It also seems to dampen the effects of gusts, which results in a comfortable ride.

The new Switchblade is lighter than ever thanks to the HTD Lite frame and this has had a significant effect on the versatility for alternative disciplines like foiling and wave riding. Not only is the new Switchblade faster through the sky, but it handles reduced line tension during turns and gybes better than ever. The Switchblade now drifts surprisingly well, given that it is a 5-strut platform. While it still might not be the model of choice to push the light wind side of these disciplines, it is more versatile than ever, and I was surprised how much I could ride on the kite in onshore strapless conditions.


Cabrinha has gone and improved an already winning Switchblade formula with their HTD Lite construction methodology. They've retained the smooth and predictable handling, which has always appealed to a huge rider skill level range whilst improving overall performance and significantly improving the Switchblade's ability to handle lighter winds and alternate disciplines.


This review was in Issue 103 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Liam Proctor

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