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Cabrinha Logic 2024

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Kite Foiling introduces an exciting new dimension to wind sports, allowing riders to push the boundaries of what was once thought possible. The all-new Logic board takes a step forward from its previous model, featuring a fresh outline and bottom shape. Its innovative Adaptive Strap mounting, located under the front foot, opens up endless possibilities for riding styles with both single or double mount options.

One of the standout features of the Logic board is its all-new Carbon construction. This construction not only reduces the weight of the board but also enhances its stiffness, making it the ideal choice for recreational kite foiling and even competing in big air world events.

The board offers adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configurations and a double concave nose for a forgiving touch down and easy launch. It includes an industry-standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators and foil tracks with integrated T-nuts that are compatible with the industry-standard 9cm hole pattern. Its versatility shines through across a multitude of power sources, granting riders incredible flexibility.

The Logic board's rigid construction ensures efficient power transfer when pumping, thanks to its carbon hybrid construction that boasts reactivity and lightweight properties. The package includes 4pcs m8x30mm mounting bolts and new 2pcs lockable T-nut assembly (please note that straps are sold separately).

With a rigid foam core construction and full carbon wrap, this board effectively transfers power from your legs to the foil. The EPS core is exceptionally light and buoyant, further enhanced by the full carbon wrap. The subtle concave deck allows for even greater control over the board and foil, especially with longer masts.

The smooth curved outline aids in efficient water release and facilitates a quick pop back up on the foil during touch downs. The new tail kick and pulled-in tail shape improve directional stability when getting up and going, as well as assisting with water release.

Riders have the option to choose between 2 strap or 3 strap stance options, along with a variety of angle degrees, based on their preferred riding style. Efficient power transfer between the rider and the foil is crucial during kite foiling, tow foiling, or pump foiling on flat water, and the Logic board's unique full carbon wrap construction enables this direct transition while enhancing the strength-to-weight ratio.

The double concave base shape is especially advantageous during takeoff and in case of accidental touch downs or landings after jumps. The full deck traction pad, made from Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA, is designed specifically with foiling in mind. Its low profile corduroy grooving provides the perfect combination of comfort and traction, and the strategically placed cutouts offer extra grip where needed.

In summary, the Logic board is a game-changer for kite foiling enthusiasts. Its innovative features, such as the Adaptive Strap mounting, carbon construction, and versatile design, make it a top choice for recreational riders and competitors alike. The board's construction and shape ensure efficient power transfer and control, while its lightweight and buoyant properties enhance the overall foiling experience. The Logic board is a testament to continuous improvement and development, evolving to meet the demands and desires of riders like Alby Rondina.


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