Cabrinha Moto XL Apex 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Moto XL Apex 2024

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Threshold winds pose a significant challenge for kite designers. The dilemma lies in creating a kite that is powerful without sacrificing agility and playfulness, or making a lightweight kite that sacrifices low-end power necessary for takeoff. However, the Moto XL Apex kite, built on the successful Moto X platform and incorporating materials from the Apex Series, strikes the perfect balance between power and enjoyment.

The lightweight Ultra HT material and lighter weight bladders contribute not only to a reduction in weight but also to a lively and enjoyable kite experience. With the Moto XL Apex, kite enthusiasts will find the ultimate session saver, leaving the water with a satisfied and joyous expression.

Featuring a 3 strut, hybrid design, low drag wing tips, and a draft forward profile, the Moto XL Apex boasts several new additions. The Ultra HT material, exclusive to the Apex Series, provides strength, stability, and responsiveness like never before. The new Apex Bridle, with thinner and lower elongation, maximizes efficiency and steering for optimal performance. Additionally, the Moto XL Apex offers refined low-end performance for improved upwind ability, effortless relaunch in the lightest wind conditions, and a modernized Moto agility and handling with its Contra DNA.

The Nano Ripstop Canopy sets the benchmark for durability, stability, and responsiveness. Specifically designed for kite leading edges, the Ultra HT material reduces weight and elongation while boasting exceptional response. Its unique coating process enhances durability, guaranteeing unprecedented performance.

The Moto XL Apex's arc shape and light wind-specific profiling enable effortless relaunch even in the gentlest of breezes, maximizing riding time. The exceptional construction of the kite allows for smooth transitions between the segmented leading edge and curved canopy, resulting in the smoothest and most accurate shape seen yet.

The Moto XL Apex is built to shine in threshold winds where other kites struggle. Its durability, stability, and responsiveness enable remarkable performance in a range of conditions. With the addition of the all-new Apex bladders, which are 22% lighter than standard bladders, the kite gains increased response and turning speed through controlled elongation harmonized with the Ultra HT material.

The Nano Ripstop, featuring a 3mm double ripstop pattern, offers a 2X increase in tear strength with its micro ripstop material and newly developed coating. This smaller ripstop pattern allows for more "cells" in each panel, improving overall performance.

The Apex Bridles are constructed to be thinner and have lower elongation to optimize efficiency and steering. The reduced diameter lines also enhance airflow efficiency as the wind passes through.

The Sprint 3.0 inflation system facilitates efficient airflow from the leading edge to the strut. The straight and angled valves prevent kinking of the inflation tube, ensuring a secure fit design and ease of maintenance.

Durable TPU bumpers protect the canopy to leading edge stitching. With enhanced abrasion resistance, these lightweight bumpers ensure longevity, even on hard surfaces.

Lastly, the Moto XL Apex comes with an all-new expanding backpack that provides convenience and comfort for transporting the kite, pump, and control system. Its expandable feature allows for carrying multiple kites in a single bag, leading to more adventurous outings with less hassle.

In summary, the Moto XL Apex kite combines power and fun through the skillful craftsmanship of Pat Goodman. With its lightweight build, Ultra HT material, and new features like the Apex Bridle and Nano Ripstop Canopy, the Moto XL Apex is designed to excel in threshold winds where other kites struggle. It offers improved performance in terms of efficiency, upwind ability, and relaunch, ultimately resulting in a thrilling and enjoyable ride.


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