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4 weeks ago

Who's the KING / QUEEN of your homespot? Connect via Bluetooth, Download, and Save your session to your WOO-profile! Check out how you performed, what achievements you unlocked, and how you ranks up against your friends!

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1 month ago

At WOO, we're not afraid of change, or to take risks. We're not shy to push boundaries, and we certainly won't let fear guide our actions. Instead, we let our hearts and our love for what we do guide our path. Ultimately, these are traits that we share with all kiteboarders - with you. And what better way to find a good moment to contemplate your future than watching the sun set after a beautiful kite session.

Today marks the beginning of a new era of WOO. Don't worry, the WOO device isn't going anywhere, and what we've built is a perfect complement to your WOO device. Anyways, in the fall of 2018, after one of those beautiful sunset sessions, we were left with the feeling that we somehow missed the mark. We came off of a super successful WOO 3.0 launch where we exceeded all expectations, and our in app activity was skyrocketing. Still, being part of the WOO community (arguably our biggest asset) meant racking up $169 for a hardware device that measures your jumps. There has to be an easier way to allow people to join this awesome crew of passionate kiters (and make it even more fun for those who do own a device)!

Meet WOO PREMIUM, a subscription package from kiteboarders, for kiteboarders. We've wrapped three awesome features, each in itself providing tons of value, in one subscription package, all with the one goal of bringing you more joy before, during and after your kiteboarding session. Take a look yourself!

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1 month ago

FREESTYLE // The WOO records and scores all your moves on the water. When your WOO is in Kite – Freestyle mode the WOO will detect and score your tricks based on rotations, pop, and landing quality.

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2 months ago

BIG AIR // The original WOO Game. No matter if you’re trying to get your first Air, boosting to the Moon, or Mega-looping, every jump from your session will be recorded, including jump height, airtime, and landing g-force. Rise in the leaderboards, reach those new milestones and fly high! #wookite #woosports

WOO Kite is at Blouberg.
WOO Kite is at Blouberg.
2 months ago

While riding, don’t even think about the WOO! Simply ride & jump! The WOO follows your every move and simultaneously calculates how high off the water you are. It stored all your jumps safely until you are back off the water and ready to download your session. #wookite #woosports

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2 months ago

how will YOU spend the weekend? @ndn.kite has her board ready, WOO ready, but looks not that windy yet... 📷: @ndn.kite #repost #wookite #woosports #chillingatthebeach #waitingforwind

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2 months ago

Independent if you’re doing tricks Left or Right Foot Forward, the button on the WOO should ALWAYS face your RIGHT foot! We use the orientation of the WOO for correct Stance and Trick Detection. #wookite #woosports

Play More with WOO!
Ride, Play, & Post on the Community for Kiteboarders | #wookite
Riding with WOO is simple, download the free App, set up your profile, clip on your WOO, and go ride!

No matter if you a beginner, experienced rider or a pro. Start posting your results, kiting together and raising the bar for boosting higher and riding harder. After your session, download your WOO stats via bluetooth to the App, within seconds you can check out who jumped the highest, and claimed a leaderboard position. Post it, Claim it, take your riding to the next level.

The WOO app will highlight your top jump height, max airtime, hardest landing, and give you a jump for jump breakdown from your sessions. You can upload a photo from each session, mark the spot, and create a log history from your kiting season. New sessions are always rolling in. Like, comment and share, be part of kiteboardings biggest online game.

Follow us and tag your sessions with #woosports

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Kitesurfing Reviews - WOO Sports Woo 2.0 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - WOO Sports Woo 2.0 2018
WOO Sports Woo 2.0

WOO Sports burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with a bold promise to measure your jumps while you rode and track your sessions. Since those early days they have garnered an army of followers generating hundreds of thousands of sessions with WOO competitions and leader boards going global as well as local as everyone seeks to improve…

9 months ago | 3:32

After his record jump off the Burj Al Arab, Nick was obviously looking for the next challenge! The world record for highest kite tow up.…

11 months ago | 00:48

You won't want to miss this! Held at the world-renowned Squamish Spit, KiteClash is Canada’s largest kiteboarding competition. With more than 70 athletes, KiteClash attracts…

1 year ago | 2:4

Big news from WOO if you're a skier or boarder! 3 years in development, WOO is bringing the game to the slopes! Check out all…

1 year ago | 8:35

Straight from Cape Town, Josh Emanuel joins us to answer your questions on approaching takeoff! In this episode, we break down bar and body position…

1 year ago | 11:14

Want to jump higher? This feature from WOO sports is a must watch! In this episode, we bring in one of our favorite Boston locals,…

2 years ago | 5:43

Woah!! Joshua Emanuel is back on top the WOO Kite Global Leaderboard - 28.9m - and a rivalry is brewing between him and Nick Jacobsen!…

2 years ago | 4:12

It's #wipeoutwednesday and Ben Beholz had a bit of a problem landing a big air... The result being losing lots of kit! Skip to 3:30…

2 years ago | 5:44

Ben Beholz gets caked in mud whilst filming his second VLOG. That's gotta suck! I have never been much into oldschool and bigairs. The xr5Challenge…

2 years ago | 2:54

Another amazing kiteboarding edit from Squamish! Iv'e called it Squamish 2.0 as my second summer in this beautiful region of British Colombia. This might be…

2 years ago | 02:58

Check out this sick edit of Antione Verville kiting in Squamish, B.C. The scenery is always stunning in Squamish and this high quality production will…

2 years ago | 3:32

Have you mastered double frontrolls and double backrolls? If the answer is no, why not?! It's time to tune in to this video to hear essential…

2 years ago | 0:59

If you aren't afraid to send it, you could win a trip to Cape Town! Find out more about the #XR5Challenge presented by CORE &…

Issue 66

Loads more 2018 action on the test front this issue, we have kites, twin tips and surfboards getting put through their paces and we also embark on an in-depth test of the WOO 2.0 too!

1 year ago
Issue 63

Win the totally fantastic GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue in our subscriber competition!

2 years ago
Issue 61

We are all different, and that's what makes life so interesting. Find out what strange things can happen when you take a bunch of pro riders and head out into the wilds of Africa to do a photo shoot…

2 years ago
Issue 58

Possibly the most amazing story we have ever told, Lewis Crathern talks candidly about his near death experience, his road to recovery and getting back on a board.

3 years ago
3 years ago

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