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Kitesurfing Reviews - WOO Sports Woo 2.0 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - WOO Sports Woo 2.0 2018
WOO Sports Woo 2.0

WOO Sports burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with a bold promise to measure your jumps while you rode and track your sessions. Since those early days they have garnered an army of followers generating hundreds of thousands of sessions with WOO competitions and leader boards going global as well as local as everyone seeks to improve…

4 weeks ago

Progression. One of the most important words in kiteboarding... and life! And a major theme in Issue 88 of IKSURFMAG, which just came out! We’ve…

1 month ago

We love the daily battles on WOO, the progression it’s spurred in all of us, and the community that’s come together to share sessions on…

2 months ago

WOO!! Twintips, foils, directionals - whatever you’re taking out, you can now record a session on it, add it to your lifetime stats and share…

5 months ago

Would you send it for a steak dinner? This is a competition format we can 100% get behind! Nick Jacobsen and Leo Koenig go for…

10 months ago

A name that is starting to make the rounds in the international kiteboarding community is Jamie Overbeek. Being only 14 years old, this Dutch up…

10 months ago

What happens when the top 2 riders on the WOO All-Time Leaderboard have a casual sunset boost off? Find out here. Earlier this year, WOO…

11 months ago

South African shredder Joshua Emanuel always seems to find a way to loop his kite lower and lower every time we see him ride. Check…

12 months ago

Join the #1 Game for Kiteboarders! WOO PRO kicked off this summer on iOS & Android for riders that want more from their WOO. Let's dive into a few of…

1 year ago

IT'S HERE - Join the #1 Game for Kiteboarders! WOO PRO is now available for kiters on iOS and Android - Update your WOO App…

2 years ago

Nick Jacobsen's fiancé Marie shares her perspective on what it's like supporting a King of the Air athlete at the event.

2 years ago

King of the Air had a bit of a false start as the wind in Cape Town hasn't been playing ball! However, it did give…

3 years ago

After his record jump off the Burj Al Arab, Nick was obviously looking for the next challenge! The world record for highest kite tow up.…

Issue 88

Take your kiting to the next level - literally! The WOO 3.0 package is up for grabs in our Issue 88 competition. Subscribe now for your chance to win this awesome prize!

1 month ago
Issue 88

Progression is hard, and it gets harder as we go along. If you’ve been kiting for yonks, you may have found yourself stuck in a rut with the desire to get on the water beginning to fade. In this article, we’ll help light the match on your powderkeg of progression!

1 month ago
Issue 79

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago
Issue 75

Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern step in to cover the Ruben Len10 Experience in Tarifa after Ruben broke his leg in Spain. Imagine booking onto a trip with Ruben, only to find Aaron and Lewis in charge!

2 years ago
Issue 66

Loads more 2018 action on the test front this issue, we have kites, twin tips and surfboards getting put through their paces and we also embark on an in-depth test of the WOO 2.0 too!

4 years ago
Issue 63

Win the totally fantastic GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue in our subscriber competition!

4 years ago
Issue 61

We are all different, and that's what makes life so interesting. Find out what strange things can happen when you take a bunch of pro riders and head out into the wilds of Africa to do a photo shoot…

5 years ago
Issue 58

Possibly the most amazing story we have ever told, Lewis Crathern talks candidly about his near death experience, his road to recovery and getting back on a board.

5 years ago
5 years ago

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