Popular Kitesurfing News Last Year

10 months ago

If you haven't seen Titouan Galea on his wing before, you are missing out! The F-ONE America team met up on Maui, and Titouan flew…

10 months ago

12-year-old Mad Max Tullet just dropped his latest edit recapping 2021, so far - you better keep an eye out for this kid! Everything was…

10 months ago

This is one for the books! We won't waste your time with a long video intro... we strongly recommend you STOP whatever it is you're…

7 months ago

Whaaaat?! Is this the lowest Megaloop you've ever seen or what? Watch Jason vd Spuy pull off some ridiculously low loops in Cape Town! Kite…

9 months ago

With winds gusting 60 knots and 4m waves,  the 2021 Cold Hawaii Games was one to remember! Check out World Of Whaley² - Episode 3,…

5 months ago

Ouchhhh! This is what happens when I don’t commit 100% - Karlie Thoma

10 months ago

Fred Hope leaves us in awe once again - Rescued by the Chicken of the sea, Fred flys around the Sea of Cortez on his…

5 months ago

Storm Malik swooped through last weekend, providing Nick Jacobsen and Mikkel Hansen with the kind of conditions they enjoy most! So, what did they get…

1 month ago

If you thought hydrofoils were just about low wind or racing, you'll want to watch this! Hydrofoiling has more than one face, this is the…

11 months ago

Yep, we all have our own Kite Horror stories, and here's Dmitry Evseev's latest one from Mauritius! 0:00 Teaser 0:07 Kite foiling on Manawa 0:25…

7 months ago

We knew this edit was in the pipeline and couldn't wait to see it!! Joshua Emanuel is getting closer and closer to completing a superloop,…

6 days ago

James Carew is back with another insane episode of STORMING! In episode #3, James has another crack at Nazar but claims the most barrels he…