Popular Kitesurfing News Last Year

11 months ago

BIG NEWS! Naish, the legendary Maui-based company of 24-time windsurfing world champion and pioneer of Stand Up Paddling, Kiteboarding, and Wingsurfing Robby Naish, has been…

12 months ago

The mini private lagoon in Taiba not only saw the bangers Coco put down this year. The polish crew also left a mark, and those…

4 weeks ago

Buckle up, we're in for a wild ride! Maarten Haeger takes us behind-the-scenes on a heart-pumping storm chase in pursuit of the WOO Worlds 2023…

12 months ago

When Jalou Langeree stepped away from professional kiteboarding and her North team rider contract last year to make Reconnect, the North Kiteboarding team promised to…

12 months ago

A week of kiteglamping in the Ksivarsi wilderness area sounds like the best adventure ever! Watch Mika, Ari & Jaakko take on an adventure that…

9 months ago

Evan Klijn records a 32.7m jump at Misty Cliff with nuking winds gusting 45+ knots and couldn't sound more stoked - Watch this!

10 months ago


7 months ago

The Surfskolan team put F-ONE's Seven Seas to the test in Sterlen, Sweden.

11 months ago

Pipsvlog #94 is out! In this episode, Pippa talks us through the best kiteboarding gear (in her opinion) to buy in 2023 - from kites…

5 months ago

Since triple loops have been such a hot topic in the kitesurfing world, here's an old video of the super-talented Freestyle World Champion Windsurfer Ricardo…

12 months ago

Last year, when Jalou Langeree decided to leave professional kiteboarding and her North team rider contract to make Reconnect, North Kiteboarding promised to keep the…

2 months ago

Premiering for the first time - After four years of waiting a big storm of 50 knots hit, and the Red Bull Megaloop finally got…