Popular Kitesurfing News Last Year

9 months ago

THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Fifteen years ago, Titouan's father taught him to kiteboard in Le Morne. He often saw him go to One…

9 months ago

James Carew is back with another insane episode of STORMING! In episode #3, James has another crack at Nazar but claims the most barrels he…

10 months ago

If you thought hydrofoils were just about low wind or racing, you'll want to watch this! Hydrofoiling has more than one face, this is the…

2 months ago

BIG NEWS! Naish, the legendary Maui-based company of 24-time windsurfing world champion and pioneer of Stand Up Paddling, Kiteboarding, and Wingsurfing Robby Naish, has been…

11 months ago

YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS! James Carew just dropped episode 2, STORMING. In this one, he is still in Portugal, getting into the world…

10 months ago

Hydrofoiling is primarily seen in racing, cruising and a bit of freeride discipline, but did you know that big air also has great potential on…

3 months ago

The mini private lagoon in Taiba not only saw the bangers Coco put down this year. The polish crew also left a mark, and those…

12 months ago

On The Loose, Season 4 is here! In this episode, Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten visit Ruben's hometown of Noordwijk, the Netherlands and embark on…

12 months ago

No kiteboarding in this one, but if you've recently gotten into foiling - you'll enjoy this episode of 'The Hydrofoil How-To'series. In this episode, Zane…

11 months ago

If you are still debating whether or not you want to try wingfoiling, this video should settle your mind quickly! Watch F-ONE's Hugo Marin get…

10 months ago

A new attempt has been made by Sam Light & Tom Court! In Sam Light's recent vlog '100km on a kite boat gusting 30 knots',…

10 months ago

Tom Bridge lands a world-first Toe Slim to Bind & Toe 313 Rewind! Style like no other. Watch this!