Popular Kitesurfing News Last Year

6 months ago

Join Aleksander Krawczyk and Jasmina Fiurst on an incredible journey as they leave their settled lives behind to chase the best kite spots around the...

5 months ago

You may have seen the pictures we posted last week of Patri McLaughlin setting a World Record at Jaws - He pulled into a 22.5m...

8 months ago

Buckle up, we're in for a wild ride! Maarten Haeger takes us behind-the-scenes on a heart-pumping storm chase in pursuit of the WOO Worlds 2023...

3 months ago

Stay safe out there kids!

9 months ago

Premiering for the first time - After four years of waiting a big storm of 50 knots hit, and the Red Bull Megaloop finally got...

2 months ago

In the video, Alex Buss from Kitesurf College provides helpful tips on how to avoid death loops while kitesurfing. The video shows real-life footage contributed...

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic shares some advanced self-landing tips in his latest video - check it out!

9 months ago

It's almost time for the epic showdown that is Red Bull King of the Air 2023! Follow us for the latest event updates and weather...

11 months ago

The Casati bros and Cabrinha have come to an amicable agreement to end their partnership... Wishing you all the best in your next chapter, boys!...

1 month ago

Harlem Kitesurfing are stoked to welcome the G.O.A.T. Aaron Hadlow to the Harlem Family! Click here to watch the intro reel on Instagram. “A legend...

4 months ago

Kitemares... we all get them!

4 months ago

Grant Mayo scores our #WipeoutWednesday spot!