Popular Kitesurfing News Last Month

2 weeks ago

Petar Pavlovic shares some advanced self-landing tips in his latest video - check it out!

4 weeks ago

Welcome back to another kitesurfing session down south on the Isle of Wight! This time, Tom Court and Jett Bradshaw teamed up and explored some...

4 weeks ago

Petar Pavlovic shares more top tips with us!

2 weeks ago

There he goes...

1 week ago

Cabrinha's new kite bag is the perfect way to transport your gear to the beach!

7 days ago

In the video, Alex Buss from Kitesurf College provides helpful tips on how to avoid death loops while kitesurfing. The video shows real-life footage contributed...

1 week ago

Triple Contraloop with Lorenzo Casati!

3 weeks ago

Join Space X Kitesurfing crew as they guide you through the essential steps of inspecting your kite bar before you hit the water!

4 weeks ago

In this tutorial, Get High With Mike offers insightful tips and techniques for mastering multiple heli loops - Check it out!

3 weeks ago

Watch the CORE crew, including Willow-River Tonkin, Steven Akkersdijk, Joshua Emanuel, and Lutz, fly into Willow's hometown in Mauritius to search for wind and waves...

4 weeks ago

Join the Nobile Kiteboarding crew on an adventure to the remote Polish Tern Sandbar, where perfect wind conditions create the best playground!