Popular Kitesurfing News Last Month

3 weeks ago

Buckle up, we're in for a wild ride! Maarten Haeger takes us behind-the-scenes on a heart-pumping storm chase in pursuit of the WOO Worlds 2023…

3 weeks ago

BIG NEWS - The Casati family joins Harlem Kitesurfing, Lieuwe Boards & Appletree Surfboards! The King chose his family. In real life, you don't get…

4 weeks ago

Maxime Nocher just pulled off  a Kite 1080 or 3X Around the World using Airwave Kiteboarding's brand new ALMA 15m! This remarkable feat is all…

3 weeks ago

Hold onto your hats, because Jamie Overbeek is about to take on Storm Ciaran! Did he stick the doobie double loop? Watch and find out!

2 weeks ago

The best 10 second reel you'll watch today, guaranteed! Happy Friday!

4 weeks ago

When Petar Pavlovic posts a video titled 'The Most EXTREME Vlog of Mine!', you know it'll be worth watching! It has been over a year…

3 weeks ago

In this comparison video, Marijn Ploeg talks us through the differences between the North Orbit 2024 and the North Orbit Pro 2024/2025.

4 days ago

New trick alert! Janek Grzegorzewski invented this one in 2020 and it's taken 'Get High with Mike' 3 years to finally go for it! Check…

3 weeks ago

Marijn Ploeg talks us through the qualities of the Harlem Force kite, renowned for revolutionising kite production with its environmentally friendly and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.…

2 weeks ago

Watch the very best of Laurent Guyot's snowkite wakestyle tricks, filmed at his homespot, the Lautaret Pass in the French Alps - Not a bad…