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1 week ago | 1:28

Julien Fillion cruising along the Lachine Rapids in Montreal, Canada. Video shot by

2 weeks ago | 4:17

This is INSANE... Ruben Lenten shares what happened during his recent horrific accident while kiteboarding in Barcelona. Ruben broke his leg, with multiple fractures and…

3 weeks ago | 2:0

Kiteboarding at Nick Jacobsen's home spot didn't seem to cut it, and so, as always, he took things up a notch!

4 weeks ago | 1:0:5

We just found part II! We’ve come a long way since the days of no depower, no safety, and no space for error whatsoever, and…

2 weeks ago | 0:33

Inspired by all the handheld wings we've seen lately, here's something you don't see every day... Watch Dmitry Evseev attempt to foil with an umbrella!…

3 weeks ago | 2:50

After a long winter abroad, Nick Jacobsen is back at his home spot in Denmark and the forecast is ON!

1 week ago | 1:28

Kai Lenny is a jack-of-all-trades, master of ALL, especially if it involves a board or sail!

2 weeks ago | 4:10

Moorea had been a dream of Charlotte Consorti's for many years, and when she finally turned that dream into reality, it turned out even better…

4 weeks ago | 6:53

Kevin Langeree is back with KEVVLOG³ #8! Craving a session, Kevin and Lasse drive to the other side of Holland in search of a good…

4 weeks ago | 01:05

A few clips from Olivia Jenkins' session at Peahi last winter. Not the biggest of days but she's determined to gain more confidence and spend…

3 weeks ago | 1:32

Summer's almost here, and it must be getting warmer if Lolo BSD has switched from the Serre Chevalier valley to Berck-sur-Mer! 'Berck-sur-Mer is a great…

2 weeks ago | 1:21

Twenty years ago - Robby Naish inspired Kevin Langeree to become a professional kiteboarder, and now... it could be your turn! Within Naish Team Europe,…


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