Victor Hays

Victor Hays

Pro Rider | 3,382

1 month ago

Airush delivers five minutes of glorious action from their riders around the world in their latest video, where we get to see the personality of…

2 months ago

The BAK put a call to action out there; Send in your epic big air clips! and riders from all over the world responded enthusiastically…

3 months ago

Greece ticks all the boxes for French Airush rider Victor Hays when it comes to butter-flat warm water and consistent wind. After a lengthily travel…

8 months ago

We've been waiting for this one! Paul Serin heads to Mozambique, one of kitesurfing's lesser-known destinations, although after watching this, and travelling resumes as normal,…

1 year ago

Wet Dreams - Episode 3 is out! Victor Hays, Paul Serin, Nino Liboni visit Paul's hometown in Montpellier, France for a few days - Freestyle,…

1 year ago

Whether you’re taking your first steps onto a kiteboard or setting up for the final manoeuvre to clinch a world title, we’ve designed and engineered…

1 year ago

Airush 2020 Lithium V11 is out - Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Lithium offers premium freeride versatility while…

2 years ago

F-ONE rider, Paul Serin joins forces with Airush rider, Victor Hays in this new vlog - Check out what they got up to while training…

3 years ago

Stefan Spiessberger, along with his friends Youri Zoon, Paul Serin, Nino Liboni and Victor Hays, put down some big tricks in Greece. We like the artistic…

4 years ago

There you are, staring at a giant pile of gear and an empty board bag, wondering how to fit everything in. You don't want to…

7 years ago

Check out Victor Hays for a fast and furious minute of his time in Brazil, looks like he nailed some new tricks and made the…

7 years ago

Victor Hays knows his way around a kite, and Sedat Celenk knows his way around Turkey, put the two together, chuck in a drone for…

Issue 81

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

7 months ago
Issue 78

Is kitesurfing expensive? Or is it too cheap? Rou Chater puts his best maths hat on to work out what the real cost of kiteboarding is and comes to some interesting conclusions. If you've ever wondered about the costs of kites, this one is for you...

1 year ago
Issue 77

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

1 year ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

1 year ago

- Pro Kiteboarder - Freestyle Athlete on the World tour for many years and now Freeriding - Supported by : Airush, Sooruz, Ride Engine, AK Durable Supply Co., Kitesurfix #WetDreams Sportsperson

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