Alex Neto

Alex Neto

Pro Rider

2 months ago

From Acai bowls to kitesurfing, Liam Whaley's latest vlog is giving us all the Brazilian vibes we need. Check it out!

11 months ago

Watch Reno Romeu's documentary 'Kite to the Limit'! A 30-min documentary about the XP Kitesurf Sertões, the longest kiteboarding endurance competition in the world. With…

1 year ago

Liam Whaley and Alex Neto's road trip up the North East coast of Brazil continues... In World Of Whaley³ - Episode 14, they stop at…

1 year ago

Tow-ups behind a boat are cool... what about tow-ups behind a Porsche Macan?! World Of Whaley³ - Episode 13 is out, and in this one,…

1 year ago

The latest episode of the World of Whaley has just dropped, and this one takes us to the warm lagoons of Brazil, his second home…

2 years ago

Episode 3 is OUT - Join the Duotone crew for the next 12 minutes for another episode of 'Out of the Box, a series that…

2 years ago

10 seconds of pure Alex Neto stoke!

3 years ago

For those that need a board that can handle whatever you throw at it (or throw it at), the Duotone Gambler 2021 has arrived with…

3 years ago

Achieving new heights in Rio de Janeiro, Reno Romeu and Alex Neto team up for a jetski tow up. One thing you can always count…

3 years ago

It's been a long road in Brazil with Reno Romeu and Alex Neto, but all great adventures have to come to an end eventually! In…

3 years ago

The journey isn't over yet! Reno Romeu continues his adventure in Ceará, Brazil with Alex Neto. This time, they travel from Ilha do Guajiru, all…

3 years ago

Sit back and enjoy another leg on this tour of Brazil with Reno Romeu and Alex Neto. In Reno's latest vlog, he explores Icaraí de…

Issue 101

She's been on the kiteboarding scene for a while now, and if you've been following the GKA Kite World Tour, there is no doubt you've stumbled upon her unbelievable talent. Svetlana is known for capturing the perfect action shots time and time again. It doesn't stop there; Svetlana's portfolio showcases her love for watersports, snowboarding, nature, fashion and more! We were in awe and couldn't wait to uncover her incredible story. Check it out now, exclusively in IKSURFMAG!

2 months ago
Issue 63

Roberto Ricci is one of the original legends of kitesurfing; the accomplished waterman was shaping kiteboards before kiteboarding was even a thing, Rou Chater talks to him about his brand, RRD, his thoughts competitive kitesurfing, the future of the sport and the Olympics.

6 years ago
Issue 50

At the sharp end of our sport there has been a major upheaval, Rou Chater investigates the changes that the Virgin brand is bringing to kitesurfing on the world tour...

9 years ago
Issue 44

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

10 years ago

brazilian pro kiteboarder
2014 world tour top 5
brazilian 2013 Vice-champion
sponsored by: Rrd

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