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Julien Fillion

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1 month ago

Fun times...

Julien Fillion posted a video
2 months ago

Amazing times kitesurfing the rapids in Montreal

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3 months ago

Cruizy... Shot by William Pollock

Julien Fillion shared a video.
3 months ago

Now you see me, now you dont! #davidcopperfield #kookslam

Julien Fillion shared a video.
3 months ago

Now you see me, now you dont! #davidcopperfield #kookslam Liquid Force Kites

Julien Fillion posted a video
3 months ago

Now you see me, now you dont! #davidcopperfield #kookslam Liquid Force Kites

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3 months ago


Julien Fillion posted a photo
3 months ago

Who waited in line for the chairlift today? #springhassprung Liquid Force Kites

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6 months ago

What an overwhelming response to the WOW v4 wave kite release. Here is some designer insight into what changed in this new design. Liquid Force Kites #wow


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2 months ago | 1:28

Julien Fillion cruising along the Lachine Rapids in Montreal, Canada. Video shot by

11 months ago | 1:18

That looks pretty chilled - Julien Fillion foil surfing tanker waves in Canada on the Liquid Force Impulse kit!

2 years ago | 0:53

The team at Liquid Force Kites have had an action-packed summer. New gear is flowing, contest results are in and video projects are available for…

2 years ago | 21:4

Oh My Days! This is a real treat for you! Airush have just dropped their new movie for 2017 featuring some of the best riders…

3 years ago | 2:15

Come ride along with Julien Fillion as he puts the Elite and Happy Foil through their paces. Riding in light winds has reached a whole…

3 years ago | 2:11

Fresher than a teenagers gym socks, the all new Liquid Force WOW V2 has just dropped on the market, this flagship wave slayer from Liquid…

4 years ago | 1:24

Can you imagine kitesurfing on a standing wave that never fades out? Julien Fillion does just that as he kites the Lachine Rapids in Canada! These…

4 years ago | 3:30

Introducing the 2016 Envy. It inspires confidence, invokes progression and is 6 years in the making. Check out this awesome edit showcasing what it can do!…

4 years ago | 1:21

It's always good when new kites get released, with the constant battle for improvement things just keep on getting better and better! Liquid Force have…

4 years ago | 1:32

Foil boards and drone footage, what's not to love about that combo? We only wish that this edit was a few minutes longer so we…

5 years ago | 0:40

Liquid Force rider Julien Fillion is at the cutting edge when it comes to riding. Here we catch up with him for 30 seconds of…

7 years ago | 3:27

Not much to say really, aside from CHECK THIS OUT!!!

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5 years ago

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