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Airton Cozzolino

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4 months ago

Court In The Act's latest vlog is out. In this episode, he's in Sal, Cape Verde, for the start of the GKA Kite World Tour...

4 months ago

Where better to kick off the GKA season than in Cape Verde? In this episode, we follow the Duotone international team riders to the tropical...

5 months ago

Watch the full highlights from the spectacular first Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour stop of the year in Cape Verde. The iconic Ponta Preta...

5 months ago

If you've never been to Cape Verde before, this glimpse into Cozzolino's world  will tempt you to book some flights! Dive into the world of...

5 months ago

Watch the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde 2024 Day 3 livestream here! Subscribe here to stay in the loop!

5 months ago

Ride the waves as the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde kicks off! Join the world's best kiteboarders and witness epic battles on the legendary...

7 months ago

Go behind the scenes of the Kite-Surf events in Brazil, Germany and Morocco, diving into the minds of top riders on the tour. Subscribe to...

7 months ago

Episode #5 of Sky High is here, and it's a good one! The Duotone crew are back in South Africa for the annual King of...

8 months ago

Check out the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Dakhla 2023 event highlights here - Get this one on a big screen! Oum Lamboiur is a well-known...

8 months ago

Watch the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Brazil 2023 final highlights!

8 months ago

Check out the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cauipe 2023 event overview here! Subscribe to the GKA for more action:

Issue 101

She's been on the kiteboarding scene for a while now, and if you've been following the GKA Kite World Tour, there is no doubt you've stumbled upon her unbelievable talent. Svetlana is known for capturing the perfect action shots time and time again. It doesn't stop there; Svetlana's portfolio showcases her love for watersports, snowboarding, nature, fashion and more! We were in awe and couldn't wait to uncover her incredible story. Check it out now, exclusively in IKSURFMAG!

9 months ago
Issue 83

This was the mantra on the Duotone shoot in Fuerteventura this summer, with only 12 days to get all the shots for the new boards and kites, it was a non-stop mission to ensure success! Luckily they scored some great waves and wind too!

4 years ago
Issue 76

Getting good content as a brand these days is hard, all the usual spots have been done and dusted. The Duotone Team head to Western Australia and put the miles in to get the shots, but it doesn't always come easy!

5 years ago
Issue 74

In 2016 Rou Chater wrote an article called, Professional Kiteboarding Is Broken, he’s back to revisit it after three years to see what’s changed and how the competitive kite scene has got better in the last couple of years.

5 years ago
Issue 74

Cape Town has become a mecca for kiters over the last few years, events like the King Of The Air have put it on the map like no other place on earth. Is it all it is cracked up to be though? Rou Chater makes the trip to find out what the fuss is all about!

5 years ago
Issue 71

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

6 years ago
Issue 67

Rou Chater has been travelling to One Eye in Mauritius since before it was even a thing, in the old days it was quiet and menacing, these days it’s a zoo out there. If you’ve ever wanted to know the best way to tackle it, and how to survive then read this!

6 years ago
Issue 65

Rou Chater chats to perhaps the most influential man in kiteboarding right now, Till Eberle the CEO of Boards and More. Find out what his vision is for the future of our sport and what to expect from one of the biggest kite brands in the world over the next few years.

7 years ago
Issue 59

Rear line depower is the future, we’ve tasted it, and North have made it a reality, no more flapping depower lines, no more hunting for it or trying to grab it in a gust, just pure control at the tips of your fingers! What do you think of the concept?

8 years ago
Issue 55

Jon McCabe is a passionate snowkiter who shares his tales of adventure at some of the most spectacular snow kiting spots on the planet...

8 years ago
Issue 54

We chat to Till Eberle the man behind North Kiteboarding about how the brand has changed over the years and the people he has in place to keep it on top! You won't want to miss this one, some fantastic insights are in this interview!

9 years ago
Issue 52

Rou Chater looks at the rise of Strapless Freestyle as it takes over the beach in Tarifa and leaves a legacy that is sure to continue deep into our future.

9 years ago

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