Aaron Hadlow

Aaron Hadlow

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1 week ago

Tom Court, Lewis Crathern and Aaron Hadlow test out Duotone's 2021 Dice in the UK. Watch this #TeamTalk!

2 weeks ago

IT'S HERE - Duotone's 2021 Dice is OUT! Designed for big air, powerful lift, extreme kite loops and with impressive freestyle performance, the all-new Dice…

4 weeks ago

With winds gusting over 50 knots in Cornwall, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Lewis Crathern and Sam Light were in the right place at the right…

1 month ago

In this episode of #teamtalk, Aaron Hadlow talks us through how to Update your Duotone Click Bar Quad Control to a Hadlow Setup 6 Line…

2 months ago

Sam Light's project kite boat PART 3 is OUT! Sam recently bought a boat, so they could attempt to kite boat around the IOW. They…

2 months ago

Tom Court, Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow team up for this one! In this episode of #CourtInTheAct, now that lockdown has eased in the UK,…

2 months ago

Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow session with the UK's up and coming young groms at CBK beach on Hayling Island!

3 months ago

In a pre-COVID-19 world, Tom Court catches up with Valentine Rodriguez out in Cape Town as he relaxes after winning his first freestyle GKA Kite…

4 months ago

This will keep you entertained for the next hour! In loving memory of the Triple S, Tom Court shares a unique view into what went…

4 months ago

Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light met up at their local spot at CBK, Hayling Island. It was 30 knots and sunny over the bank holiday…

4 months ago

Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow meet up for a session at their local beach on Hayling Island.

5 months ago

What are you doing for the next half an hour? Back in 2016, Tom Court and the crew dropped the Freeride Project 3, a culmination…

Issue 79

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

7 months ago
Issue 75

Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern step in to cover the Ruben Len10 Experience in Tarifa after Ruben broke his leg in Spain. Imagine booking onto a trip with Ruben, only to find Aaron and Lewis in charge!

1 year ago
Issue 71

Aaron Hadlow and Laci Kobulsky have been working on a new feature-length film called TWENTY, in this issues instalment, they tell us what went down in Cape Hatteras for the Park Section of the movie!

2 years ago
Issue 69

From Russia with love, Noè Font, Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Francesca Bagnoli and Stefan Spiessberger hook up with Artem Garashenko for an exploratory trip to the middle of Russia. Did they score? Read this first-hand account, written by Noè Font, to find out!

2 years ago
Issue 69

Go behind the scenes with Aaron Hadlow and filmmaker Laci Kobulsky as we investigate their new project, TWENTY, a full-length kiteboarding film. Get to know these two a little bit more and find out about possibly the biggest kite movie of the year by checking out the article!

2 years ago
Issue 69

We chat with Dan Charlish the man behind the biggest kiteboarding event in the UK, the Kitesurfing Armada. Find out all you need to know about this year’s festival right here!

2 years ago
Issue 68

In our continuing how to ride feature we look at the intricacies of riding a small flat water spot like Safety Bay. If everyone plays nice hundreds of kiters can have a great time in a small spot. However, it only takes one person to turn the spot on its head and make it dangerous for everyone. Don’t be that guy or gal, read Colleen’s piece and make yourself a better more considerate rider wherever you kite!

2 years ago
Issue 68

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

2 years ago
Issue 67

No one likes having Unfinished Business, Rou Chater heads to Australia to take on the Southern Hemispheres most gruelling kitesurfing event, will he succeed or will he be left swimming with the sharks once again?

3 years ago
Issue 66

Looking to buy a new suit for the winter, look no further, this isn’t your average mags excuse for a guide which involves selling some wetsuit slots to brands, but an actual in depth look at neoprene and how it works to keep you warm!

3 years ago
Issue 65

Rou Chater chats to perhaps the most influential man in kiteboarding right now, Till Eberle the CEO of Boards and More. Find out what his vision is for the future of our sport and what to expect from one of the biggest kite brands in the world over the next few years.

3 years ago
Issue 64

The Kite Park League is having huge success as the best tour on the planet right now for pro riders. At the top, the gap has closed, and everything is to play for, this year's result is going to go right down to the wire!

3 years ago
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