Bruna Kajiya

Bruna Kajiya

Pro Rider

5 months ago

Ride the waves as the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde kicks off! Join the world's best kiteboarders and witness epic battles on the legendary...

7 months ago

The champs have been crowned! Congrats to Bruna Kajiya and Carlos Mario for becoming the 2023 Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle-Kite World Champions - Their comebacks...

7 months ago

Watch the women's freestyle action at the GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Finals! Subscribe to the GKA for more action. Watch the action LIVE here.

8 months ago

Maxime Chabloz scored a morning session with Bruna & her BS5 - All the action going on at Cauipe, Brazil - Watch episode 5 here!

8 months ago

Watch the Copa Kitley GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Cauipe 2023 event over right here! Subscribe to the GKA for more action!

8 months ago

Watch the exciting mens and womens finals at Cauipe Lagoon, where athletes showcased their best tricks during the penultimate freestyle stop of the Qatar Airways...

11 months ago

Get ready for 25 minutes of non-stop GKA action! Dive into the thrilling world of kiteboarding with exclusive event coverage and extended videos. From rider...

11 months ago

Watch the GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Dunkerque 2023 Men's Finals here! The penultimate day of the contest on the North Sea at Dunkerque began with...

11 months ago

Bruna Kajiya claiming top spot in Dunkerque!

1 year ago

The legendary waves of Cape Verde were firing for the first clashes of the opening GKA Kite-Surf World Cup which has drawn the globes top...

1 year ago

Event Champions are Crowned - An electric crowd and pumping music set the stage for the women’s and men’s final heats as the GKA wrapped...

1 year ago

What an epic way to kick off the season - check out the GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup 2023 Qatar highlights! Just in case you...

Issue 100

In this edition of Insight, we're honouring each of the women that have graced the cover of IKSURFMAG since our inception in 2006! Some still regularly appear in this magazine, while others have taken steps in different directions. We caught up with these talented ladies to discover how kiting has impacted their lives and continues to shape who they are today. Join the Cover Girls of IKSURFMAG in this Issue #100 special feature!

11 months ago
Issue 97

Kiters are creatures of habit, following the wind to the top kite spots in the world, like migratory birds with colourful wings. But the best spots tend to have the biggest crowds. Discovering new locales with steady wind and quiet beaches is the real treasure. This issue, we take a look at an up-and-coming destination, Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar!

1 year ago
Issue 93

Rou Chater heads to Qatar on a voyage of discovery to check out a new world-class kite spot and discover what this small peninsular in the Arabian Gulf has to offer the travelling kitesurfer. Read all about what he found in this exclusive article!

2 years ago
Issue 78

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

5 years ago
Issue 77

5 x Brazilian Champion, 2 x Triple-S Winner, 5x Vice World Champion and a 3x Freestyle World Champion, it's safe to say that Bruna Kajiya is one of the most iconic female riders out there! Find out what she's been up to lately and how she has fitted into the North Kiteboarding team, click here!

5 years ago
Issue 56

Lindsay McClure interviews one of the most iconic and talented women in kitesurfing, the Brazilian bombshell that is Bruna Kajiya!

8 years ago
Issue 32

The Brazilian bombshell recently switched sponsors; we catch up with Bruna at the Airush House in South Africa.

12 years ago
Issue 20

After two months of voting the results are in and they have been counted! Find out who won what in our first ever IKSURFMAG Readers Awards.

14 years ago
8 years ago

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