Robinson Hilario

Robinson Hilario

Pro Rider

3 years ago

Times are tough, but when you've got movies like this to keep you entertained; quarantine does get just slightly easier! Sit yourself down with a…

3 years ago

#KitersInIsolation, today we're taking you back 2012 and we're watching F-ONE's ANTANDROY! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly, be feeling a little…

5 years ago

These guys were on fire at the Big Air and Freestyle Cabarete Kite Festival a couple of weeks ago. Don't miss out on the next…

5 years ago

Mikaili Sol and Carlos Mario take on all comers to retain their podium positions on the final day Sunday 15th July, Cabarete, Dominican Republic Report:…

5 years ago

The Air Games riders converge on Cabarete for stop three of The Kiteboarding World Tour Barely a week after the Air Games took flight for…

6 years ago

The talented Robinson Hilario put down some impressive tricks at Nickel Beach. Check out this video, and take notes. Robinson's wave kicker game is solid!…

8 years ago

At just 21 years old, Annabel van Westerop is already a well established competitor on the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships. Check out this behind the scenes profile of her…

8 years ago

Slalom is a really exciting event to want, with close battles and plenty of crashes and tangles it's not to be missed! Congratulations to Florian…

8 years ago

Congratulations to Aaron Hadlow and Gisela Pulido for taking the wins in heavy conditions at the VKWC Germany! Check out this highlights clip, it's so impressive…

8 years ago

Check out the riding from the latest kiters to join the world tour. Anther Racca is just 15 and now he's a pro! Congrats to all…

8 years ago

Conditions looked rowdy for the competitors fighting to qualify for the VKWC main event. Watch these thrilling, high-stakes battles contested in stormy weather and strong wind.…

8 years ago

Don't miss more high flying action from the St. Peter Ording VKWC! Tight slalom action saw Florian Gruber and Annelous Lammerts emerge on top, then…

Issue 57

There is a war being waged between various parties at the very top of our sport, it’s a struggle for ownership, control and World Title rights, and it's high time it stopped. Rou Chater gives you all the information you need to know and explains the myriad of acronyms our sport is now littered with.

7 years ago
Issue 50

At the sharp end of our sport there has been a major upheaval, Rou Chater investigates the changes that the Virgin brand is bringing to kitesurfing on the world tour...

8 years ago
Issue 47

Tahiti isn't just about Teahupo'o, it's a flat water paradise with lagoons, stunning beaches and plenty of flat water, of course there are some thundering waves too, check out our travel guide here!

8 years ago
Issue 46

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

9 years ago
Issue 45

Cabarete used to be the place to go, but in recent years it has fallen out of favour with many riders, the thing is though, the wind still blows and the waves still roll in...

9 years ago
11 years ago

Hi guys, this is my official page! I am striving to become world champion! Hard training, support fr

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