Cohan van Dijk

Cohan van Dijk

Pro Rider

4 weeks ago

Twenty-one-year-old Janek Grzegorzewski is an insane rider, so when he dropped this compilation of his 2021 'Best Big Air Kitesurfing' footage, we knew it would…

4 months ago

With winds gusting 60 knots and 4m waves,  the 2021 Cold Hawaii Games was one to remember! Check out World Of Whaley² - Episode 3,…

4 months ago

Just in case you missed the action, we've got you covered! Eighteen riders competed in Cold Hawaii Big Air (Presented by North Kiteboarding). The event…

6 months ago

Naish Kiteboarding takes us behind the scenes with their riders on competition day! Experience the stoke with Marius Sanchez and Cohan Van Dijk that went…

6 months ago

“Waking up with 40 knots blowing through your bedroom window, struggling to close the door of your car, and driving down to the competition area…

9 months ago

We highly recommend you stop whatever else you are doing, and check out Cohan's latest edit! Team rider Cohan Van Dijk has been cruising Tarifa…

1 year ago

Watch Stig Hoefnagel and Cohan Van Dijk as they travel through Denmark for the 2020 Cold Hawaii Games — battling gusting winds, cold water and…

1 year ago

Two-time King of the Air Champion, the Pivot, is unrivalled in terms of performance and versatility. It is famous for its jumping ability, incredible wave…

1 year ago

Naish Kiteboarding's 2021 board line up is impressive! The twintips, surfboard and foilboards offer an expanded range with all new shapes and re-engineered constructions. We've…

1 year ago

Naish Kiteboarding have once again refined their designs to be more efficient, yet built to last and backed with 20 years experience, and a fresh…

1 year ago

Naish Kiteboarding's 2021 twintips collection offers an expanded range with all new shapes and re-engineered constructions. Armed with unrivalled versatility, their boards are designed to boost and intensify…

1 year ago

The Drive features a high performance and lightweight construction with a freeride shape and unmatched reflex characteristics. Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely…

Issue 87

What’s been happening in the world of wind? We catch up on the latest news from the industry, including new team riders, changes within the brands, and even a look at the astronomical growth of the wing industry! Stay in the know with On The Fly!

8 months ago
Issue 83

Stig Hoefnagel and friends get tasked with making a kite movie in Holland for the Naish 2021 photoshoot, no mean feat when you consider just how different the weather in the Netherlands is compared to Maui. Find out how it went down right here.

1 year ago
Issue 81

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

2 years ago

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