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Get set for the 2024 Red Bull Megaloop! Watch the top 16 kiteboarding legends dare to battle stormy conditions with exhilarating wind speeds of 35 knots or higher.  From April 1st to November 1st, join us as we wait for Mother Nature to unleash the perfect storm. To keep in the loop about this epic event, bookmark this site and stay updated on all the high-octane action. As we wait in anticipation, let’s cross our fingers for those exhilarating winds at 35+ knots!

A total of 16 riders are participating in Red Bull Megaloop. The jury invites 10 riders. The other six spots are claimed by kiters who, according to the jury, submit the most extreme video. The jury will judge the videos on Extremity, Execution and Flow.

The Sports Committee has now invited the first 10 riders. The selection is based on performance in big air kitesurfing events and freeriding in massive storms. The team have been following these riders closely over the last few months.

These are the 10 invited riders for Red Bull Megaloop 2024

Andrea Principi
Cohan van Dijk
Giel Vlugt
Jamie Overbeek
Jason van der Spuy
Jeremy Burlando
Joshua Emanuel
Lasse Walker
Liam Whaley
Lorenzo Casati

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Sun 11th Feb, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

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