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3 weeks ago

Get ready for another weekend to remember at the Littlehampton Kite & Wing Demo Weekend, back for its 4th year at @thebeachlittlehampton! Join us on...

1 month ago

Twenty-four of the best big air riders from around the world gathered at arguably the best spot in the world to battle it out in...

2 months ago

Jeremy Burlando is rapidly ascending to the top of the big air kiteboarding scene. Equipped with the latest prototypes and samples from Slingshot, along with...

2 months ago

Check out Stino Mul's Lords of Tram recap from Barcares last week, including his heats to see how he performed. He is now gearing up...

2 months ago

Don't miss the Day 3 highlights from the Lords of Tram GKA Big Air Kite World Cup in France!

2 months ago

Just in case you missed it - Watch the Big Air Men's Final between Jeremy Burlando, Lorenzo Casati, Edgar Ulrich, Jamie Overbeek. Subscribe to the...

2 months ago

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour season opener in the Big Air discipline in France began with a bang when the Tramontana winds reached...

3 months ago

Check out Slingshot's latest Freeride Collection, where each session is optimised to its fullest potential, empowering riders to learn, progress, and experience ultimate fun on...