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4 days ago

So this just happened! Sam Light and Jakes Kelsick's attempt to kitesurf around Antigua. Did they make it? Find out here!  

2 weeks ago

Rita Arnaus and Paula Novotna go for a game of K I T E - Who will win? Watch till the end!

2 weeks ago

Sam Light has released all sorts of exciting and informative vlogs this year, but this one left us all in awe! Watch Sam Light and…

2 weeks ago

Have you ever been to Los Roques, Venezuela? Jerome Cloetens, Alex Pastor, Rita Arnaus, Therese Tabbel, Valentin Garat, Louka Pitot, and more head off for…

2 weeks ago

Chris Bobryk is missing the summertime vibe in the Pacific North West - Slider project park, kite events, mountains and waterfalls!

2 weeks ago

After 15 years of competing, 2019 marked the year that Youri Zoon closed that chapter of his life and opened a new one. Watch this!

3 weeks ago

Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, Issy von Zastrow and Karolina Winkowska join the 6 hour Derby Race in pink wigs! These girls are used to competing…

3 weeks ago

Missions, sessions, travels, new spots, old spots, disasters and wipeouts - Pablo Amores shares his 2019 highlights, right here!

3 weeks ago

The Turbine has always served as the benchmark for light wind performance in the Slingshot range. Introduced as the original and highest performing light wind…