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4 hours ago

Slingshot's LTF (Learn To Fly) is the first inflatable foil board with both foil tracks and a keel fin slot. Progress from your first day…

10 hours ago

Stino Mul shares his Hood River highlights from his recent visit to the Slingshot HQs!

1 week ago

There is no denying that these kids are next level! Enjoy the next generation ripping up the waters of Tumbao, Tarifa, during the Qatar Airways…

2 weeks ago

Slingshot's Brand Manager, Jeff McKee, walks through the details of the Hover Glide FWake, FPump, FCarve & FSurf packages. The Hover Glide hydrofoil platform has…

2 weeks ago

Slingshot's Javelin V1 wing delivers impressive power and control. Beginners and advanced riders sense the impressive wing control level, encouraging a more powered riding style…

2 weeks ago

Are you ready? Because the GREEN LIGHT is ON for the Cold Hawaii Big Air on Thursday, 15th September!  Here’s a reminder of last year’s…

3 weeks ago

Tune in as the SpaceX Kitesurfing crew interview some riders from the Tatajubafest in Brazil about their strategy, competitors and favourite Acai toppings.

4 weeks ago

The dust has settled, and the 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle is complete, and with it comes a new standard for competitive park riding.…

4 weeks ago

Slingshot's Glide is renowned as one of the best twin tips for beginners and light winds. Trapezoidal tips and tails increase a board's effective edge…