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1 week ago

Jeremy Burlando in action!!

1 week ago

Setting the perfect tone for what's to come!

3 weeks ago

Get set for the 2024 Red Bull Megaloop! Watch the top 16 kiteboarding legends dare to battle stormy conditions with exhilarating wind speeds of 35...

4 weeks ago

Slingshot team rider Kimo Verkerk compares Slingshot's 3 strut Code V1 versus the 5 strut Machine V2.

1 month ago

Exciting news - Slingshot welcomes Julian Huynh to the team! View Slingshot's Big Air collection here.

1 month ago

Slingshot Flystrap V2's are for riders who appreciate a lighter design and streamlined comfort to allow you to focus on what matters most: kiteboarding. Free...

2 months ago

It's #WipeoutWednesday - and if you've been struggling sticking your landings lately, this one's for you!

2 months ago

No wind? No problem! The Space X Kitesurfing crew get creative on route to the most southern tip of Africa.. You've got to watch this!

2 months ago

Slingshot's Machine V2 is for riders who want to Sheet and Go until they decide to pull the trigger and send it for personal record...