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1 week ago

The crew live for snowkiting, and every winter, they give us a glimpse of their day-to-day activities in the snow! Chasta, Lolo, Johann, Wareck,…

2 weeks ago

Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, Issy von Zastrow and Karolina Winkowska join the 6 hour Derby Race in pink wigs! These girls are used to competing…

1 month ago

Designed from the ground up to be light, simple, and insanely fun to fly, Slingshot's Ghost V1 is one of the most exciting new kites…

1 month ago

It's got to be the kite! Slingshot's RPM has legendary status as one of the greatest kites ever made and it is STILL evolving. They…

1 month ago

Slingshot's 2020 Vision! Completely rebuilt and redesigned, the Vision twin tip with a new focus in mind; create the highest performance twin tip for the…

1 month ago

Earlier this year, Angely made history, and a 'Queen of the Air' was born!¬†Watch her 2020 Red Bull King of the Air entry video right…

1 month ago

Are you struggling with Christmas gift ideas? Get some inspiration from Sam Light in his latest vlog!

1 month ago

Has Mike Mac Donald broken WOO record once again? We'll find out! Mike hit 34.1m on his CORE 7m Xr6, in 35-45 knots at Misty…

1 month ago

From trusted icons to brand-new designs, our 2020 line showcases our commitment at Slingshot to innovate and deliver the very best kiteboarding equipment for all…