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Lasse Walker

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3 days ago

When the locals ask for a little show, a Megaloop has to be done even when riding a 12m kite 🤘🏼
Luckily the new 2020 @duotone.kiteboarding DICE can handle it all!
@kitemercedes @redbullned @ionactionsports #truekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #ionwater

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1 week ago

Time for a session!
@redbullned @duotone.kiteboarding @gshockeu #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #ABSOLUTETOUGHNESS #nevergiveup #GLX-5600VH-1ER

Lasse Walker posted a video
2 weeks ago

When the drone pilot promised he wouldn’t hit me, I had my doubts. But after this jump I trusted him haha! 🔥🤘🏼
🎥 @magentaamsterdam / @ghettodino
@redbullned @duotone.kiteboarding @ionactionsports @kitesurfingworld @letskitesurf #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #racedrone #fpv #megaloop #truekiteboarding

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2 weeks ago

Ciao Tarifa ✌🏼 See you next time!
Fun week of shooting for the new @ionactionsports collection.
@duotone.kiteboarding @redbullned @duotone.kiteboarding.benelux #truekiteboarding #ionwater #ionactionsports #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings

Lasse Walker posted a photo
2 weeks ago

The first session with your new gear is always special. Feeling like a little kid and super stoked on the new 2020 @duotone.kiteboarding DICE! Trust me.. it’s awesome!! 🔥🤘🏼
📸 @puckvankimmenaede
@duotone.kiteboarding.benelux @redbullned @ionactionsports #truekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #2020

Lasse Walker posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Flying full speed upside down. Once you get back round in full control it’s the biggest rush!
Throwback to the Red Bull Megaloop 2019 in Zandvoort
📸 @ydwer
@duotone.kiteboarding @redbullned @ionactionsports #truekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #redbullmegaloop #megaloop

Lasse Walker posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.. missing out on a beautiful storm back home.. working on another fun shoot with @ionactionsports in Tarifa..
📸 @ydwer
@duotone.kiteboarding @redbullned #truekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #summer #mixedfeelings

Lasse Walker posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Back again in Tarifa! Unfortunately not the conditions like we had last time with @tobybromwich
@duotone.kiteboarding @redbullned @ionactionsports #truekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings #ionwater

Lasse Walker posted a photo
3 weeks ago

It’s been pretty windy past few days at home
📸 @ydwer
@duotone.kiteboarding @redbullned @ionactionsports #truekiteboarding #settingthetone #duotonesports #duotonekiteboarding #geeftjevleugels #givesyouwings

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4 weeks ago


Lasse Walker - 23 years old - Living in The Netherlands - Professional kiteboarder - Red Bull Athlete - Duotone international team rider

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