Lasse Walker

Lasse Walker

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4 weeks ago

Pippa is back with a never-ending supply of stoke! In her latest vlog, she goes head to head to try to beat Lasse Walker's free…

2 months ago

It's almost as good as being there! Get your Red Bull King of the Air fix with this recap of the last 4 events (2016-2020)…

4 months ago

The Duotone Jaime has been one of the most popular shapes in the Duotone lineup, and it's the first twintip to get the SLS upgrade!…

4 months ago

It's the news we've all been waiting for... your riders for the Red Bull King of the Air 2021 have been announced after a heated…

4 months ago

While we can't all make it into Red Bull King of the Air, there is a Red Bull kiting competition that is within our reach!…

5 months ago

It's been a dream of Lasse Walker's to grab that bull by the horns for years, and we look forward to seeing what tricks he's…

5 months ago

A name that is starting to make the rounds in the international kiteboarding community is Jamie Overbeek. Being only 14 years old, this Dutch up…

5 months ago

Whatever hook suits your need best, mounting it to the C-Bar 3.0 is as easy as it gets. Lasse Walker talks us through how to…

5 months ago

ION just released the new patent-pending lightweight Aluminum Quicklock Hook, their newest revolutionary take on kite hooks. Enhanced safety eliminating the risk of releasing the…

5 months ago

Duotone's most popular freestyle board is back for 2021! This year, the design team have worked to keep the same low overall weight of the…

6 months ago

Watch Stig Hoefnagel and Cohan Van Dijk as they travel through Denmark for the 2020 Cold Hawaii Games — battling gusting winds, cold water and…

7 months ago

Throwback to the windy day in September when the World's best kitesurfers battled in Cold Hawaii, Denmark. (Language: Danish (with subtitles) & English) In this…

Issue 82

COVID hit, and the industry went into panic mode, but then lockdown was eased, and sales went through the roof, “the best two months in the industry”, was a phrase we heard a lot, but what comes next? Rou Chater investigates, click here to check it out!

8 months ago
Issue 82

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

8 months ago
Issue 65

Rou Chater chats to perhaps the most influential man in kiteboarding right now, Till Eberle the CEO of Boards and More. Find out what his vision is for the future of our sport and what to expect from one of the biggest kite brands in the world over the next few years.

3 years ago
2 years ago

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