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Olly Bridge

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5 months ago

Now THAT'S how you #IGNITEYOURFIRE - This is one for the books! Being in that moment, absorbing all the elements and emotions to the fullest.…

8 months ago

#RADICALchanges - The past two years have turned our world upside down. Our society has experienced a radical change. The pandemic has largely restricted the…

8 months ago

The past two years have turned our world upside down. Our society has experienced a radical change. The pandemic has largely restricted the lifestyle sport…

3 years ago

Here's one to tick off the bucket list when all of this is over! Olly Bridge spent two months teaching kiteboarding in the Grenadines and…

3 years ago

Olly and Meg ditched the UK's cold winter and ventured on a road trip through Northwest Australia instead!

3 years ago

Olly Bridge has taken out his third Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton title, crossing the Indian Ocean from Rottnest Island to Leighton Beach in Fremantle…

3 years ago

In just 11 days, a record 150 kiteboarders will line up on the beach at Rottnest Island for the start of the 10th annual Red…

3 years ago

If you'd like to see Olly Bridge at the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air, make sure you vote here!¬†Voting will start on the…

3 years ago

Since 2001, Flysurfer has developed innovative and high-quality kites and boards whether it's for water, land or snow, for all wind ranges and kiteboarding style.…

3 years ago

Olly Bridge looping that FLYSURFER Kiteboarding #SOUL 7.0m, low in the Hood!

3 years ago

Watch Olly Bridge and his girl exploring new spots in Cornwall, UK. Olly's riding his favourite freeride setup: FLYSURFER Kiteboarding SOUL 12.0m, FORCE Control bar…

3 years ago

Watch Olly Bridge being towed by an F50 SAILGP catamaran boat in the UK, right here!

Issue 94

The release of a new kite always comes with the excitement and, often, the chaos of a product shoot - and this story is no different! FLYSURFER's newest LEI kite, the STOKE, has just been announced, and the team got together to show what this kite is capable of in a unique location. Read more in this IKSURFMAG exclusive article!

4 months ago
Issue 93

Lightroom Issue 93 is jam packed with epic photos with nowhere else to go!

6 months ago
Issue 91

A brand born in Bavaria that was, and still is, ahead of its time; we check in with FLYSURFER on their 20th anniversary! Find out where it all began, the highs and lows of the past 20 years, and what the future holds in this interview with FLYSURFER Head of Marketing Christoph Hesina!

10 months ago
Issue 83

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

2 years ago
Issue 80

Rou Chater looks at the effect of the Corona Virus on the global kitesurfing industry and how it has decimated production, sales and tourism at a time when the business side of the sport is usually booming. Click here to read it!

3 years ago
Issue 79

We head to the Lighthouse to Leighton race in Perth, Australia for the tenth edition of this iconic southern hemisphere extravaganza. There aren't many events where you can register as a rank amateur and race against the likes of Airton Cozzolino and Olly Bridge! Find out how the whole thing got started and where it's headed in this feature.

3 years ago
Issue 75

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 67

No one likes having Unfinished Business, Rou Chater heads to Australia to take on the Southern Hemispheres most gruelling kitesurfing event, will he succeed or will he be left swimming with the sharks once again?

5 years ago
Issue 62

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

6 years ago
Issue 55

We chat to photographer AlexandruBaranescu about his recent light photography and his career in the Philippines!

7 years ago
Issue 54

Rou Chater and Mary Booth head to Western Australia to do battle with the Lighthouse to Leighton, a 19km dash from Rottnest Island to the mainland, one of the hardest races on the calendar!

7 years ago
Issue 48

We head out to Australia to cover this legendary race first hand as the riders dash from Rottnest to the mainland!

8 years ago

3x Men's European Champion
3x under 21's World Champion
2x Under 18 World Champion
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