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3 months ago

Barney Mark fully stoked on his new 9m Harlem GO in Brazil!

4 months ago

This #wipeoutwednesday, Barney Mark gets the slot - check out his best kiteloop crashes!

11 months ago

Bonaire has been receiving some windy weather, and Pippa van Iersel is on the spot to session the latest storm with her friends! Enjoy the…

11 months ago

One woman welcoming committee Pippa van Iersel received some friends (and a new kite) in Bonaire. Her latest vlog is all about an awesome session…

11 months ago

In Bremen, Northern Germany, the thermometer shows -7°C. This weekend, Germany's 10th largest city is not only caught in the web of the COVID pandemic…

1 year ago

Transform your fear into action. This beautiful film by Israel Gil is an inspiring narrative on conquering fear, framed around kiteboarding and freediving, featuring Christiaan…