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2 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek styling it out!

2 weeks ago

Comparing CORE’s Pace Pro and XR Pro - Steven Akkersdijk dives into their features, performance, and which one might suit your riding style best. Whether...

3 weeks ago

Jamie Overbeek knows how to take advantage of all types of wind conditions, from as low as 10 knots to over 60 knots - check...

4 weeks ago

The end of an era... After 20 years of friendship, we had to sit down for one last talk. Join Mystic in celebrating the end...

4 weeks ago

In this fast-paced world, it can be nice to slow things down every once in a while. Sit back and enjoy these stylish kiteboarding tricks...

1 month ago

Steven Akkersdijk shares valuable tips on how to successfully nail the Moon slide!

1 month ago

What's your favorite? 1, 2, or 3? Comment below!

1 month ago

Here's a little weekend challenge for you! In this SA Masterclass session, Fabian receives personalised coaching session from Steven Akkersdijk on mastering the Moon slide...

1 month ago

Three 4x4s, one forgotten water supply, and winds that mimic the howls of beasts. Proudly presenting the first kite trip through Angola’s Death Acre. Join...