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5 days ago

If you're feeling stuck on a certain trick, this should give you a little boost of motivation!

1 week ago

If you haven't watched the full video yet, what are you waiting for!? In this episode, Jett Bradshaw arrives from Mauritius and joins forces with...

1 week ago

Jett Bradshaw arrives from Mauritius and joins forces with Tom Court in this episode! Massive kite loops, big air, and some of the best kitesurfing...

2 weeks ago

Dive into the world of kiteboarding style with this tutorial by Steven Akkersdijk on the inverted back roll with a hand drag! Follow three simple...

2 weeks ago

Sunsets are pretty special in Cape Town, especially when paired with a session!

2 weeks ago

Join Guy Bridge and the crew for a day of madness at home!

2 weeks ago

Petar Pavlovic shares his top self landing tips!

3 weeks ago

Join Petar Pavlovic in his latest quick tutorial on 'how to recover your chicken loop safely' - any questions, please comment below!