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13 hours ago

Ozzy Smith talks us through the Session bridal swap. The is supplied with two sets of bridles, which can be interchanged using the same bridle…

16 hours ago

What does it take to design the winning kite at King of the Air? Chief Kite Designer, Pat Goodman explains everything you need to know…

4 days ago

Tom Bridge just dropped his 2021 Red Bull King of the Air entry video!

6 days ago

Hey, we get it. Wetsuits aren’t the most sustainable products on this planet. At Mystic, they're trying their best to make a difference. This year,…

1 week ago

Watch the highlights from the Final Day at the GKA SuperKite Brazil Hydrofoil event in Fortaleza - right here.

2 weeks ago

Just a regular Sunday session for Nick Jacobsen...

2 weeks ago

Today was finals day here at the SuperFoil Brazil event. Our athletes have battled hard the last three days, to get their place in the Finals and…

2 weeks ago

It might be getting colder and darker in Denmark, but that doesn't discourage Mikkel Hensen for sharing a session with us!

2 weeks ago

The GKA are in Fortaleza for the SuperFoil Brazil event. Day 1 of the competition is done, watch the highlights here!