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5 days ago

Got the winter blues? Here's a little #mondaymotivation for you - Check out Nick Jacobsen chilled morning session from Denmark.

1 week ago

Ouchhhh! This is what happens when I don’t commit 100% - Karlie Thoma

2 weeks ago

“What do I love most about kiting? The flying part. I like being in the air. It’s an expression of myself. I feel like I…

2 weeks ago

Brrrrr... Would you be tempted to kite in -3c?! Watch Nick's latest edit as he braves the Danish cold at his homespot.

2 weeks ago

At long last, On The Loose is back, and the adventure continues, this time, in the Canary Islands. Watch Ruben Lenten, and Aaron Hadlow join…

2 weeks ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy chat to big-wave kitesurfer, surfer and now a wing foiler, Jesse Richman, as he shares his first experience on…

2 weeks ago

10 minutes of PURE stoke and a well-deserved nomination! Watch Nick Jacobsen, and Graham Howes make the most of their lockdown time in Cape Town,…

2 weeks ago

It's not every day you get this insane crew together in one movie! Liam Whaley takes us behind the scenes of this video project with…

2 weeks ago

Are you ready for this one?! Steven Akkersdijk takes us on an incredible road trip through the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Kiteboarding around the Rockies…