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21 hours ago

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour season opener in the Big Air discipline in France began with a bang when the Tramontana winds reached...

2 months ago

Jeremy Burlando in action!!

2 months ago

Get set for the 2024 Red Bull Megaloop! Watch the top 16 kiteboarding legends dare to battle stormy conditions with exhilarating wind speeds of 35...

4 months ago

Lorenzo Casati's latest vlog - THE NEXT LEVEL - (The Overthroned King) - W.O.L. #16 - is out now! Relive the Red Bull King of...

4 months ago

Pippa takes us behind the scenes of this year's Red Bull King of the Air. 18 of the world's top kiteboarders competed in this year's...

4 months ago

Slingshot's Code V1 is for the rider who wants a kite to grow with their progression. From getting their first rides on a twin tip...

4 months ago

At Slingshot, Big Air is all about pushing your limits higher and faster than you previously thought possible. The central performance characteristics inside this category...

4 months ago

Episode #5 of Sky High is here, and it's a good one! The Duotone crew are back in South Africa for the annual King of...

4 months ago

Join Jason van der Spuy for the next 8 minutes as he shares his incredible experience at the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air!