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4 weeks ago

ION just released Max_Flex, their cutting-edge fabric offering the STRECHIEST wetsuits they ever made! Created in a weaving process, the three-dimensional mesh is characterised by…

4 months ago

It's not every day you get this insane crew together in one movie! Liam Whaley takes us behind the scenes of this video project with…

5 months ago

A few days ago, Nick Jacobsen shared their Cape Point adventure... and in World Of Whaley² - Episode 8, we get to see more. Liam…

5 months ago

Merry Christmas - It's not every day you get this insane crew in one edit! Watch Nick Jacobsen, Lasse Walker, Joshua Emanuel and Liam Whaley…

5 months ago

The DUOTONE Academy App: A unique tool to improve your kiteboarding skills in no time! What it’s all about? More than 200 tricks and fitness…

5 months ago

#WeekendStoke - Check out this compilation edit by 'Kitesurfing Official 'of the best tricks, jumps, and starts and tag your favourite rider!

6 months ago

You've seen all the King Of The Air kiteboarding action... now the Dirty Habits crew take us behind the scenes to see what happens when…

6 months ago

A few days before Red Bull's 2021 King of the Air, Graham Howes takes Lasse Walker on a drive and talks all things Big Air,…

6 months ago

There is no such thing as an off-season. Choose the right winter essentials, and you will face the harshest conditions with a smile. Jackets, Hoods,…