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2 months ago

The results are in! The six winners of the Red Bull Megaloop Porsche Qualifier Series have been announced. Out of 18 qualitative video entries, these…

2 months ago

16-year-old Lorenzo Casati has claimed his spot on the podium at BAKL, Spanish Championships and Cold Hawaii Games - and we cant wait to see…

3 months ago

Pippa van Iersel's recent injury kept her from competing in the Big Air Kite League stop in Cape Town, but that didn't keep her from…

3 months ago

The Cape Doctor delivered at last, and the final instalment of our 5-stop tour took place in Cape Town, South Africa, with 33 riders from…

6 months ago

What an event Lord's of Tram was for the Duotone crew! A full podium on the men's side with Andrea, Antoine, Lorenzo and Betico shutting…

6 months ago

15-year-old Lorenzo Casati slaying waves in Tenerife.

6 months ago

You may have seen Lorenzo Casati's name pop up on the leader boards of recent Big Air events, but the 15-year-old shreds on the strapless…

7 months ago

Things got a little mental at the Cold Hawaii Games this year, but what a show the guys put on for us! Congratulations to Liam…

8 months ago

What a show these guys put on during the Cold Hawaii Games - Congratulations to Liam Whaley, Lorenzo Casati and Lasse Walker - you guys…