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Liam Whaley

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Liam Whaley is in Gran Canaria.
Liam Whaley is in Gran Canaria.
1 week ago

Last day here in Gran Canaria. Currently sitting in the semifinals waiting for the wind so we can complete the event. Doesn’t look too promising but I’m staying positive as I am very motivated to compete and make the finals! Anyway, looking forward to my next trip. Flying out tomorrow, can you guess where I’m going? F-ONE International Manera
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Liam Whaley is at Zandvoort Beach.
Liam Whaley is at Zandvoort Beach.
2 weeks ago

4th place.....What can I say, luck didn’t go my way today. Had some technical problems during the semi finals and finals had to switch kites twice missing pretty much half of both heats... Besides all of that shit, today was awesome. Never been so overpowered in my life. Sent a couple loops where my heart stopped. No feeling in the world like it, definitely worth the last minute mission. Congrats to all the boys, you guys sent ittttt ✌🏽out🕺🏽 @ Zandvoort Beach

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2 weeks ago

Maaaaan, got a call from Ruben Lenten yesterday asking me if I wanted to take part at the Red Bull Nederland #MegaloopChallenge. At first I said no, didn’t feel mentally prepared for such a hectic event on such short notice. This morning after a training sesh with my coach I got a spark of motivation, grew some balls and called back saying I want in. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. Booked my flight a couple hours ago, at the airport right now on my way. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Gonna send it to the moon 🚀🌕

Ps: will share the livestream link in my bio 🙃

F-ONE International Manera

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3 weeks ago

Freestyle Heaven - World Of Whaley Episode #4 (LIVE NOW)

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4 weeks ago

I’m not normally this serious 😉
📸 @moro_van_wyk

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1 month ago

Can’t wait for summer 🙏🏼🔥
Cool article in @sportweek_sw published today! Photos shot by 📸 @moro_van_wyk

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1 month ago

What’s your favourite kiteboarding destination? I’m between Greece and Brazil 🤷🏼‍♂️
📸 @marian_hund

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1 month ago

So stoked on this new trick 🔥🔥🔥

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1 month ago

New Episode!
Hit the link to link to see some big air action on a strong Levante day in Tarifa 🔥

Liam Whaley posted a video
1 month ago

Name the trick ! Check out my Instagram for a giveaway opportunity 🔥👅

ManeraF-ONE International

I'm Liam Whaley from Tarifa, Spain. My passion is Kiteboarding and I always want to push my riding to the next level. 2015 World Champion
Hey guys, Im Liam Whaley and this is the LIAM WHALEY OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. I'm 17 and I started kiting at around 9 years old and I am still loving the sport! I am Sponsored by Cabrinha and Np surf.

Right now I am having fun travelling the world and just trying to live life to the max!

Cheers, Liam
Personal interests
Most board sports, (Kiteboarding, surfing, Snowboarding, skateboarding)
Travelling, Good Music, Girls and most of all, having a good time! :)

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