Reo Stevens

Reo Stevens

Pro Rider

4 months ago

Check out this gighlights from the January #MIkiteadventure week on Beran Island with Reo Stevens Coaching!

1 year ago

Reo Stevens just took us on a tour of the stunning Marshall Islands - can't believe this place is real! Video by: Stu Gibson

2 years ago

A board leash when kitesurfing can add a very dangerous element to your session. So when do you know when to wear one? Reo Steven...

2 years ago

In his latest vlog, Reo Stevens offers some tips on how to keep a kite flying during a wipeout!

3 years ago

Thirty seconds of PURE Teahupoo Reo stoke!

3 years ago

Join Keahi de Aboitiz for a cruise in foil paradise! The feeling never gets old... - Keahi. Filmed by: Reo Stevens Coaching Music: Aim -...

4 years ago

149 clips in 2 min - Don't blink! Leftovers is a compilation of the clips from the past year of life that wasn't high enough...

4 years ago

Danny Barnette shares some of the best moments he's experienced over the past year in this compilation; enjoy!

4 years ago

Moona Whyte, Keahi de Aboitiz and Reo Stevens take us to the Marshall Islands on an action-packed session full of epic barrels, perfect waves and...

4 years ago

2015 - James Boulding, Reo Stevens, Nick Jacobsen, Damien Leroy and Matt Elsasser make the most of the dying days of summer in the Gorge,...

4 years ago

10 years ago, Shades of Green featuring Ben Wilson, Reo Stevens, Ian Alldredge and Bear Karry came out and left us in awe. Filmed in...

4 years ago

We're going back to 2015, Reo Stevens does his bit to explain why kitesurfing in the waves is so incredible! The opportunity to ride waves...

Issue 102

With the latest Ozone Reo and Zephyr being released in the Ultra-X editions, all eyes are on the new Ultra-X range! Ozone Product Manager Torrin Bright talks all about their approach to lightweight design, high-performance products, and a sustainable approach to the kite industry in this technical Q&A!

6 months ago
Issue 100

Three of the world's best wave kiters, Matchu Lopes, Keahi de Aboitiz, and Reo Stevens, take us under the lip in 'The Barrel Section'! From courage and experience to equipment specifics to the spot itself, it must all come together to get that perfect barrel. In this IKSURFMAG exclusive, you'll find out what it takes to get totally pitted, bro!

10 months ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

5 years ago
Issue 72

Reo Stevens has been running adventure trips for a while now, and Tuamotu in the Pacific is one of his favourite locations. Join him and his friends as they discover some of the most pristine lagoons on the planet!

6 years ago
Issue 71

Rou fell off his mountain bike and won’t be doing much for the foreseeable future, but it has given him the incredible gift of time, which has led to him creating a new podcast series among other things! Check it out!

6 years ago

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