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2 weeks ago

Well that was an absolutely amazing way to finish up the last trip of the #tuamotukitesurfingadventure. And no, not a photoshopped pic, just a polarizer and some basic color correction on an extremely clear day entering #tikehau a few days ago.

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Reo Stevens posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Sailing off to the start of trip #2 of the #tuamotukitesurfingadventure. I will be logged of for another two weeks@them expect a full update of what happened during the month of adventures!

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Reo Stevens posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Epic session during trip #1 of the #tuamotukitesurfingadventure. Trip #2 starts in a few days and the forecast is for some extremely breezy conditions!

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1 month ago

Just making our final preparations for the crossing from Tahiti to the Tuamotus for the #tuamotukitesurfingadventure. Going to be some rough seas with strong east winds forecasted (20-25knts) over the next few days. What should be a straight shot and 250Nautical miles (1nm = 1.1mile) will become a roughly 350nm crossing with a zig zags to get we’re we are going. At least with the winds there will be no need for the engines and we’ll be 100% wind powered. The extra 100nm will add about 10-12hours to our journey of not so smooth sailing. I’ll be offline over the next few days while at sea but sometime in about 36-40hrs we’ll be making our way around this point and into the pass (hopefully with a lot of fresh caught fish) for a month of kiting, surfing, diving, fishing, beach bbq and a whole lot more good times!

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1 month ago

Just landed back in Tahiti and the forecast for #teahupoo for the next few days looks promising. Here’s one from my last session there last year.

📷 @benthouard

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2 months ago

Long lefts, perfect wind direction, and no one else around. last month was a special treat.

📷 @deheeckeren

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Reo Stevens posted a photo
2 months ago

Shoulder hoping at Jaws, Maui last November. Extremely offshore and a constant fight to stay on the waves but exciting to say the least. It was my first time out there and will most likely not be my last.

📷 @aedererik

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Reo Stevens posted a photo
2 months ago

Summertime adventures. Oahu.

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Reo Stevens posted a photo
2 months ago

One month till the start of the first trip of the #tuamotukitesurfingadventure

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Reo Stevens posted a video
2 months ago

The full 10turn, 50sec long ride from the screen shot I posted the other day. I thought you had to ride a foil to get rides this long!?! 🤯 - and no, this is not Pacasmayo or Chicama if that’s what you were thinking.

Last week I was invited to by old friend @martin_vari for an incoming swell. Punta Luna has been off the radar for years as it’s founder, Wawa and Martin were in the process of making it a national reserve for the wildlife around there. Punta Luna is something special and it’s beauty really can not be show in pictures - at first glance through photos it’s a desert with out much more than sand and a long wave but upon closer inspection it is filled with life! Seals, an array of birds and fish fill the landscape and ocean without much more than a few friends around to experience it with.

Because of the reserve and the permits held by the surf lodge, the beach surrounding it is private to those only in attendance of the lodge. - meaning no crowds. Ever.

Opening the lodge to kiters is a way to fund the reserve and cover the cost of protecting it.

I could go on for ages about this place but to find out more check out

We could be seeing another reo kite adventure coming to this location real soon. DM me if you’re interested in join the first group to this amazing location.

Professional Kitesurfer and Kitesurf Coach
A native to Hawaii, Reo Stevens has been involved with the sport at a professional level since the birth of kiteSURFing and he has mastered nearly every aspect of the discipline that it has progressed through. From unhooked or hooked in, strapped or strapless and backside to switchstance riding, Reo’s done it all and can help you get your riding get to where you want to be no mater what techniques you want to improve on.
Advanced kitesurf coaching combined with a bit of adventure

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Reo Stevens has been running adventure trips for a while now, and Tuamotu in the Pacific is one of his favourite locations. Join him and his friends as they discover some of the most pristine lagoons on the planet!

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Rou fell off his mountain bike and won’t be doing much for the foreseeable future, but it has given him the incredible gift of time, which has led to him creating a new podcast series among other things! Check it out!

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