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6 days ago

Tunnneee! Jason van der Spuy just released his Megaloop 2023 video entry video, and it's insane - watch this!

1 week ago

Jason Van der Spuy goes massive in his BAKL Full Power Tarifa 2023 video entry!

2 months ago

No caption needed...

2 months ago

In case you missed it, the BAKL's final stop in Cape Town was mental, and everyone went MASSIVE! Steven Akkersdijk filmed the riders to analyse…

3 months ago

Jason van der Spuy getting radical!

4 months ago

Kevin Langeree's 10th King of the Air was a rollercoaster ride! For him, keeping up with riders half his age motivates him, and he also…

4 months ago

Watch World of Loren- Episode 2 to find out how our new King spent the day leading up to the 2022 Red Bull King of…

4 months ago

Jason Van Der Spuy, the hometown hero and member of the Mystic team, shares his key moments and insights from the Red Bull King of…

4 months ago

KOTA 2022 is just around the corner! This year, North Kiteboarding and Red Bull King of the Air are partnering to celebrate their 10th anniversary…