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2 days ago | 3:25

If you ride in the park you will know what a difference the right board can make, the Gambler is pure, unfiltered park riding bliss!…

6 days ago | 2:58

Only IF you're confident in your kiteloops and want to step things up a notch, here's a challenge for you this weekend!  

1 week ago | 6:3

Duotone's 2020 Vegas has arrived; the ultimate C-Kite on the market with unrivalled performance for freestyle, park and kite loops. The Vegas has long been…

1 week ago | 3:56

PART I - 2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. They took this milestone as a challenge to document the best…

1 week ago | 5:27

Duotone's 2020 Dice is out! Freestyle, waves and big air, the Dice does it all and can handle anything you can throw at it.

2 weeks ago | 8:24

Sam Light's most recent vlog was about him and Tom Court's 150km epic foil trip around the Isle of Wights - and here's Tom Court's…

2 weeks ago | 2:36

What happens when you take the ultimate freeride twin tip and give it the Textreme tune-up? You get one of the best kiteboards on the…

2 weeks ago | 2:14

Reno Romeo and Tom Hebert test out Duotone's final word in light wind freeride twin tips; a radical new shape and a startling new approach…

2 weeks ago | 2:38

Duotone's 2020 Soleil Textreme is out; check out the product clip, right here! How do you make one of the best board for female riders…


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