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3 hours ago

Would you jump? Kiteboarding is all about overcoming fear... Will Hannah go big off the BigDayz boat? Watch this!

18 hours ago

PIPPA IS ON FIRE! Check out Pippa van Iersel's entry vid for the upcoming BAKL Tatajuba Fest in Brazil from the 1st - 8th of…

2 days ago

Welcome to the first episode of the GKA Distance Battle – Aluula All-Time Big Air featuring STRAPLESS BIG AIR! GKA Commentator Jo Ciastula and Pablo…

2 days ago

Where there's a will, there's a way, and if you want something badly enough, you can find the means to get it. Lasse Walker shares…

3 days ago

Meet 13-year-old Tijn Rolff and 16-year-old Roy van Velzen, two of the most fanatic kiteboarders in Holland! You'll spot them on the water, regardless of…

4 days ago

After a week of shooting with the Duotone French crew, Edgar Ulrich and Val Garat took Pippa van Iersel to one of their favourite kite…

5 days ago

The Distance Battle is back! The GKA have selected finalists for the GKA Distance Battle - Aluula All-Time Big Air! Later this month, they will…

1 week ago

Watch the latest GKA News Show with Tour Commentator Jo Ciastula! In this episode, Jo recaps the last freestyle event at Tarifa Kite Pro, talks…

1 week ago

Whooop! Pippa shared the news last week that they were on a catamaran for a photoshoot - and what a trip it was! Watch this!…