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2 days ago

In this episode of #tricksofthetrade, Tom Courts demonstrates how to master an unhooked toe-side front roll. This is a great trick to learn for your…

5 days ago

Sam Light sessions with the UK's youngest talents! Day one of two shredding with future kite stars; Alfie, Archie, Mad Max and Charlie King. Keep…

1 week ago

A combination of sunshine and wind are rare in the UK - but the forecast has been looking very promising, with no sign of it ending…

2 weeks ago

Watch this how-to as Tom Court demonstrates, in detail, how to change the EVA Floaters on the Duotone Click Bar. Each part of the #clickbar…

2 weeks ago

Tom Courts on a mission! It's another sunny day on#theactiveisland Isle of Wight. Following a call from a local photographer, Tom decided to make an…

2 weeks ago

In Tom Court's latest episode of #tricksofthetrade, he talks us through the steps to land a toe-side front roll to heel-side. Check it out!

2 weeks ago

In Tom Courts latest episode #tricksofthetrade, he gives us tips on how to master a switch-foot, one-foot backroll. Interested? Watch this!

3 weeks ago

In this episode of #teamtalk, Tom Court shares some general tip to help you reduce any 'humming' noise that your foil might make. Check it…

3 weeks ago

Noè Font's expedition to Kenya was one to remember, and although the wind never exceeded 12 knots, the thrill of visiting a new country made…