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1 day ago

Go behind the scenes on the king himself's journey to victory - This is Red Bull's 2022 King of the Air, Lorenzo Casati!

2 days ago

It's time to hear it from the king. Lorenzo Casati has just released World of Loren- Episode 3 - 11 minutes of pure stoke.

3 days ago

What an event! After three weeks of pumping winds in Taiba for both the GKA Kite World Tour Freestyle riders and the GWA Wingfoil World…

4 days ago

Watch World of Loren- Episode 2 to find out how our new King spent the day leading up to the 2022 Red Bull King of…

5 days ago

There's no doubt that Gianmaria Coccolutto deserves that title - Cocco simply proved hard work and perseverance do make dreams come true! Massive congratulations on…

6 days ago

The boys are back in town! This was Marijn, Stino and Michiel's first session in Cape Town. The wind wasn't too strong yet, but it…

6 days ago

In their latest vlog, the SpaceX Kitesurfing find a secret spot in Cape Town and catch up with all the KOTA riders to get autographs…

6 days ago

North Kiteboarding is proud to partner with Red Bull King of The Air and brings you all the action LIVE! Click here to tune in.

7 days ago

Introducing Sky High, a brand-new web series focusing on the Duotone Big Air team! A mix of Young Blood and legends pushing discipline and the…