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1 month ago

13-year-old Dutch shredder, Jamie Overbeek got his hands on the Ozone Edge V10 8.0 - watch this!

2 months ago

One of the last warm-ish sessions for 14-year-old Dutch shredder, Jamie Overbeek in Holland. He managed to get in some nice kiteloops at his homespot…

2 months ago

Keep an eye out for this kid! 13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek sending it last weekend.

3 months ago

13-year-old Dutch Shredder Jamie Overbeek goes foiling in literally close-to-zero wind! How far must the wind drop before hydrofoiling is a no go? We think…

4 months ago

13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek is a young soul with some old school tricks... watch this!

6 months ago

Watch 13-year-old Dutch shredder Jamie Overbeek on his Flysurfer  Sonic 2  and 15m SOUL!

6 months ago

13-year-old shredder, Jamie Overbeek, showing us what he can do on his Flysurfer 8m SOUL in 18 knots! You need to watch this kid!


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