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Kitesurfing Reviews - Harlem Kitesurfing Go V4 9m 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Harlem Kitesurfing Go V4 9m 2020
Harlem Kitesurfing Go V4

Dutch brand Harlem are making waves in the kitesurfing world for all the right reasons. Not worried about trends or being the cool kids, they simply want to make kites for people to have a blast kitesurfing with. The Go sits in their line up as the high performing freeride allrounder. This means it is the kite for you if…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Harlem Kitesurfing Rocker V2 138 x 42cm 2020
Kitesurfing Reviews - Harlem Kitesurfing Rocker V2 138 x 42cm 2020
Harlem Kitesurfing Rocker V2

Harlem have 2 twin tips on offer for 2020, the Wood and Rocker. We had the Rocker on test for this issue which is their hand built freestyle board. Designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want a board they can progress with, it is a high end bit of kit for both freeride and freestyle. At its core, the…

Issue 84

The kiting community as we know it is changing. This article takes a look back in time at the ‘beginner kiter’ experience, which is all too relevant at many of our beaches today. How do we evolve along with the arrival of this new generation? Check out the article for some insights from Crystal Veness.

1 month ago
Issue 83

This issue we chat to Harlem Kitesurfing about the Booomtag NFC technology they are integrating into their products.

3 months ago
Issue 82

We’ve got the last of the 2020 kit on test as we wait for the 2021 gear to start rolling through the door. This issue we have kites and boards on test from North, F-ONE, Core and Harlem. Find out what we thought right here.

5 months ago

Awesome Performing kites with an even better story ;-) Welcome to the Facebook page of Harlem Kitesurfing! We are extremely proud to introduce you to our very own Kite brand, which we started to develop in 2015. We want to invite you to like our page and we want to share with you our story of Harlem Kitesurfing and how this Dutch Kite brand was born. In the winter of 2015 we identified and took the opportunity to design, develop and produce our very own kite. As for many kitesurfers this was our dream. In our wildest dreams we never thought this would really happen! The core business initially was fixing kites. Since the creation 2010 we've spent more than 10000 hours on fixing kites of all types and brands for a lot of happy customers. We gained a lot of experience through the years in how kites are built and where the weak and strong points are. Through this we became the expert in fixing kites in the Netherlands. Trough years of experience as kite surf instructors we really understand the needs and expectations of kitesurfers when it comes to their material. We have put all our knowledge and expertise into the design of our own kite. For about 6 months we tested and fine-tuned the Freeride/Wave kite until we were happy with it and then the “Harlem” was born. Many people asked us why we wanted to introduce a new kite brand, as there are already so many brands on the market? The answer is simple, follow your dream and go all the way. Our drive was to do something that nobody thought could be done. We like doing things differently; no extensive research or boring long thinking process, just the use of our own experience, a positive and practical can do attitude...so when it feels good we just do it! For us, creating Harlem Kiteurfing was the best thing we did! Every time we see somebody riding or just cruising with a Harlem kite, it makes us feel super proud that we created it and that feeling is all we need! Like us and keep up to date on the Harlem Journey… Change the tide! The Harlem Kitesurfing Team Product/Service

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