Harlem Kitesurfing Rocker V2 138 x 42cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Harlem Kitesurfing Rocker V2 138 x 42cm 2020

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At A Glance

Harlem have 2 twin tips on offer for 2020, the Wood and Rocker. We had the Rocker on test for this issue which is their hand built freestyle board.

Designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want a board they can progress with, it is a high end bit of kit for both freeride and freestyle.

At its core, the Rocker has a Paulownia wood blank which has been CNC precision engineered, inserts for both boots and straps, 3D channels and a pronounced rocker line. The tips of the Rocker are thin and house more flex than the wider mid section. Additional channels also adorn the thinner tips for increased grip and release.

The Rocker is available with either 25mm wake style fins, or 50mm surf style fins to allow you to customise the feel of your board. The graphics are fun, and Harlems no nonsense ethos is clearly felt with this board.

Sizes: 132 x 40, 135 x 40,5, 138 x 41cm

brilliantly playful feel for both hooked and unhooked freestyle

On The Water

The Rocker bucks the trend slightly for a freestyle board with its thinner tips more akin to a freeride board, this however means there is great freeride and hooked in freestyle performance in the Rocker.

The Rocker gets planning early and has a comfortable yet firm feel. The softer tips cut through any lumps of chop and there is minimal spray thrown up at speed. The board is grips to the surface well with out being sticky, and on hard carves there is a great driving feel and those narrow tips really come in to play with maneuverability and play potential.

Freeride and hooked in freestyle tricks are a blast. The Rocker being lighter weight means there is very low swing weight, and there is a huge temptation to take the board off and throw around, which of course we did! Landings are comfortable and stable, especially with the larger 50mm fins in play.

For unhooked freestyle the Rocker again proved very good. You are able to hold some excellent power and release for a well sized and controllable pop. Landings are stable though perhaps for those who are all out wake style may want something with a wider tip, however for the majority of us the Rockers outline is completely adequate.


Dont be afraid of going for one of the new brands when choosing some new gear. Harlem have proved that they have the knowledge and designs to rival many. The Rocker is no exception to this with its brilliantly playful feel for both hooked and unhooked freestyle. Excellent grip thanks to the channelling, soft landings thanks to the pronounced rocker, and a mad pop included once your kite skills match. Definitely not one to be passed by this summer.


This review was in Issue 82 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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