CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 4 137 x 41cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 4 137 x 41cm 2020

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At A Glance

The Fusion twin tip from German kite manufacture CORE is back for its fourth incarnation with what promises to be performance freeride and freestyle capabilities, for all. Designed for riders who have no interest in riding with boots, it is a strapped board which will take you from beginner to accomplished freeride and freestyle master.

A classic Twin Tip shape, the Fusion 4 benefits from a multi-channel hull which has additional channels added for this version for better upwind performance and more grip as you load up for freestyle tricks. The ‘Vee’ shaped rocker is more pronounced under your feet for stability and eases through chop and in waves. A Paulownia wood core reduces the weight of the board while improving flex, and the double concave bottom design allows for massive grip through all water states.

For this version, CORE have added even more carbon into the board, reduced the deck thickness for an even lighter weight and has a new topcoat for added shine and UV protection. The components are all made of high-quality materials, and there is the option of the new ultra-comfortable and supportive Union Pro 3 binding system for increased customisation options no matter your foot size or shape.

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Oh so smooth and super slick

On The Water

The Fusion4 is one of those boards you jump on, and it immediately puts a smile on your face. Aggressive without being over-powering, lively without being skittish, and fun without being too much to handle for beginners. We used this board in a range of conditions from the butter flat, to waves, to chop and it kept the stoke alive throughout.

The Fusion 4 has maintained the incredibly smooth feel through all water states. Helped no doubt by the diamond technology in the deck, which reduces vibration leading to that buttery feel. Early planning and plenty of traction make the board easy to hop on for your first season; likewise, this grip keeps things spicy when loading up for the big boosts and tricks.

The board trucks upwind well, and the narrow tips make turns easy and predictable both at the end of your run and on any waves, you may come across. The grip produced from the base detailing is impressive and indeed allows you to load that little bit more before tricks.

Through the air, the board is lightweight, allowing you to throw it around for some classic old school manoeuvres. For freestyle moves, again the smooth loading creates a fantastic release with good amplitude and control. Landings both hooked and unhooked are comfortable and stable, helped here by the Vee rocker and the uber grippy base detailing.


Oh-so-smooth feel and super slick in looks sums up this great board from CORE. High performance enough to satisfy the seasoned kiteboarder, it also offers the beginner rider stability, ease of use and early planing to aid quick progression. The high-end performance of this board is not to be forgotten about, and it will certainly keep you smiling throughout your sessions. There is a reason the Fusion is COREs bestselling twin tip board.


This review was in Issue 80 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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