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CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 6 2024

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The Fusion 6th generation from CORE is a bestselling twintip board that has been updated with the efficient Cartan 2 carbon fibre weave. This board is designed to meet the needs of riders in all disciplines, with its unique materials and technology combined with a sophisticated shape and differentiated underwater hull. By incorporating the Cartan 2 carbon, the Fusion 6 offers improved performance and efficiency with a reduced layer thickness that lies flat on the wood core, resulting in increased stiffness and strength.

CORE's commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of The GreenPoxy, an epoxy resin with 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants. This environmentally friendly resin, combined with the switch to Cartan 2, has also led to a reduction in cutting waste by up to 80%. The Fusion 6 comes in various sizes to suit different riders and preferences.

The Fusion 6 introduces an innovative carbon fiber fabric that enhances the performance of the Cartan carbon. This fabric, developed over years of testing, lies flat on the core like a sheet of paper, resulting in improved stiffness and strength. The Fusion 6 also incorporates the GreenPoxy 33 epoxy resin, which is derived from plants and offers both environmental benefits and high performance.

The Fusion 6 features the industry-first integration of high-end racing ski sidewall technology into twin tips. This process improves the connection between the top and bottom Cartan carbon layers, resulting in a true unibody build with increased torsional rigidity and energy storage. The Fusion 6 also utilizes a marine-grade laminated wood core for lightweight and powerful performance.

The board design includes a double concave center channel and Quattro tip channels, providing extra depth for grip and improved tracking upwind. The tips of the Fusion 6 have been made stiffer for increased response and restoring force, adding to the overall performance of the board. The Fusion 6 also incorporates a deep V-shaped keel for better handling in choppy waters and soft landings.

The Fusion 6 is equipped with the CORE EQ fin, which offers consistent grip at different speeds and minimizes drag with its rounded transition. The fin is lightweight and designed to prevent water intake. The Union Pro pads and straps provide a customizable fit with independent adjustability for the forefoot and midfoot.

CORE offers a basic pad and straps set with improved footbed densities for comfort and grip. The Fusion 6 also features an optional REVO rocker adjuster and two high-performance light wind twintips for a versatile riding experience.

The Fusion 6 LW boards, with their specialized design for light wind conditions, also incorporate the Cartan 2 carbon fabric for improved performance. The 154er board combines light wind handling with freestyle capabilities, while the 159er board offers extreme angling and performance in low winds.

The Fusion 6 is designed for straps only, and installing boot bindings on this board voids the warranty.

In summary, the Fusion 6 is a highly innovative and sustainable twintip board from CORE. With its advanced materials, technology, and shape, it offers superior performance across various disciplines and excels in light wind conditions. The incorporation of Cartan 2 carbon fabric and The GreenPoxy resin showcases CORE's commitment to environmental responsibility while delivering uncompromising functionality and performance.


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